Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Special App Discounts and Free Kindle Books

There are a number of special app discounts out there that should not be missed, including The Lost City and Tetris for just 99 cents! More discounts can be found on the Appstore Bestseller List!

 All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Exposed - Contemporary
4.8 stars over 38 reviews

Description: Allyson Graham, marriage counselor and lover of love, lived a life of romance few could imagine. Until her husband's secret addiction stared at her from the computer screen. Will she be able to forgive the man who lied to her all of those precious years?

Follow her painful story alongside the heartbreaking story of Taylor Adams, a young girl searching for her worth in the world. As Allyson struggles to forgive her husband for lying about his addiction, Taylor naively falls into the same self-destructive industry and discovers that the attention and fun is nothing like she thought it would be.

Discover the hearts of these two women as they search for beauty after the rain.

Get your free copy of Exposed!

The Secrets of Moonshine - Fantasy Romance
4.6 stars over 40 reviews
Description:   As an aspiring author, Bronwyn never dreamed she would be writing trite, sappy love stories for a traveling drama troupe. She longs to write a compelling novel, a story striving to emerge from deep inside of her as far back as she can remember. However, she is suffering from a lack of inspiration, resulting in the most severe writer's block ever.

 The reason -- her fiancĂ©, Ryan Reese, the fastest rising star in Hollywood, broke off their engagement, leaving her cynical, bitter and not at all thrilled about scripting any more love stories.

To add to the wreckage of her life, her touring bus breaks down on the way to one of the biggest venues of the summer leaving her stranded in the peculiar town of Moonshine and at the mercy of the town's most prominent resident, the mysterious Travis Colton.

Get your free copy of The Secrets of Moonshine!

Fever Moon - Thriller
4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Description: Haines acknowledges her debt to James Lee Burke in this atmospheric historical (after 2005's Penumbra), set in New Iberia Parish, La., at the close of WWII. Deputy Raymond Thibodeaux (sounds like Robicheaux) battles his own wartime demons as he tries to find the person responsible for the gruesome killing of wealthy landowner Henri Bastion.

Fragile Adele Hebert confesses to the crime, but because she believes herself possessed, Thibodeaux assumes she's not the culprit. Superstitions lie as thick and menacing as the morning fog over the bayou, and word quickly spreads that a werewolf has overtaken Adele's body. Haines's greatest strength is her powerful sense of place: here the miasmic swamp is as alive and as threatening as any villain. Despite a predictably happy ending and an irritating tendency to repetition, Haines has created an engaging, memorable story. (Feb.)

Get your free copy of Fever Moon!


  1. Hi, Gadget! Just as a heads-up, my friend downloaded FEVER MOON (a few times, actually) and it comes up blank, as in no story pages at all. It seems to be a dud file for now.

    1. Really? Checking the Look Inside feature shows words, and it's not like there are any other reviews complaining about it. I guess it's just something for people to keep in mind. Hopefully your friend didn't lose any money. :(

    2. No, she got it for free. She even removed it and deleted it completely and then tried again. It's weird.

    3. you might change the color of the font. I thought I didnt get a book that i downloaded and it was because of the page I was using.


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