Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nameless Dwarf Omnibus: Kindle Book of the Day 3/29

I can say with no hyperbole that D.P. Prior is one of the most promising fantasy writers emerging on the scene today. Featuring a style that's intelligent yet accessible, imaginative yet concrete, the books in his Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf series are a must for anyone hoping to get a sense of what's next in the fantasy genre. All of the books are highly rated and backed by respected reviewers, meaning this should more than tide you over until the next season of Game of Thrones starts. These 3 books at 2.99 is an absolute steal!

Name: The Nameless Dwarf Omnibus (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
Rating: 5.0 stars over 2 reviews (but dozens more for the individual books)
Price: 2.99
Description: Following the massacre of the dwarves in their ravine city, the Nameless Dwarf pursues the survivors to the brigand town of Malfen, where he learns they have crossed the mountains into the lands of nightmare. His only intention is to save his people from extinction, but he's the last person they'd want to find them.

In book 1, The Nameless Dwarf follows the trail of the last of his race to the mountains bordering Qlippoth, a wasteland born from the dreams of a craven god.

But the survival of the dwarves depends on his willingness to confront the bloody deeds of his past, and the ruler of the brigand town of Malfen, who guards the pass into Qlippoth—an aberration known as the Ant-Man.

Reviews: "All three tales in the Nameless series are superbly written and bring a uniqueness to the epic fantasy genre which seems all too rare these days. Each character has a very distinctive style which continues to develop and evolve with the storyline as they're forced to confront the challenges of the present as well as face those of their past. The writing is top notch and the pacing of each story is near perfect. The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf has quickly become my favorite new fantasy series. Although they're quick reads they never disappoint and leave me eagerly awaiting the author's next release of Nameless, his companions and their adventures in the lands of Malkuth, Qlippoth and beyond. Well done."

Get your copy of The Nameless Dwarf Omnibus (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf) now!

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