Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for March 18th

Starting off with a fantastic book of identity, memory, romance, and magic. So many glowing reviews for Memory's Wake! On sale for 2.99!
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

The Girl In the Italian Bakery - Contemporary
4.2 stars over 106 reviews

Description: Life didn’t do Kenny Tingle any favors. In The Girl in the Italian Bakery, follow his journey from childhood in a tough housing project north of Boston, the abduction and disappearance of a childhood friend, to the complete destruction of a family. His introduction to crime and the years he spent in foster homes. The poor choices he made in high school and the startling climax on prom night.

Although he never has trouble meeting girls, the one girl he longs for always seems out of reach. The Girl in the Italian Bakery is the remarkably true story of always keeping hope, even when there is little left to hope for. This is a story of surviving through extreme adversity, and, ultimately, redemption.

Get your free copy of The Girl in the Italian Bakery!

Dream Kisses - Western Romance
3.8 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Dream Kisses kicks off the Romance on the Ranch Series when Sarah Carter, a.k.a Mims Murphy, meets Sage Tanner at Imaginings Publishing while he's posing for the cover of her soon-to-be-released romance novel. After being bulldozed into a coffee break with him by her publisher, an embarrassing incident makes Sarah furious and she walks out.

Of course, fate has a wonderful way of intervening in matters of the heart. After deciding her book needs realism, she signs up for "dude" lessons at Lazy M Dude Ranch. Imagine her chagrin when she discovers the owner of the ranch is none other than Mr. Tanner himself! Yep.

Get your free copy of Dream Kisses!

Half Past Midnight - Action
4.1 stars over 27 reviews
Description: The Doomsday Clock gauges the threat of nuclear war. Currently, the clock is set at six minutes before midnight.

What happens after the hands reach midnight?

Survivalist Leeland Dawcett finds out when he and his family are plunged into the nightmare of their country returned to a third-world state.

No phones. No computers. No television.

At first, Leeland thinks basic survival is the answer.

Until he crosses the path of the wrong guy...

Someone who wants to do more than just survive...

Get your free copy of Half Past Midnight!

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