Monday, March 26, 2012

Line of Control: Kindle Book of the Day 3/26

Bestselling author Mainak Dhar is a much more versatile author than one might think seeing his zombie books at the top of the charts. In Line of Control, he wades into the treacherous waters surrounding the tense Middle-Eastern and Asian region, giving us a thriller that has been called "better than Tom Clancy." His characters put you on the ground in the unfolding conflict that proves to be a powder-keg for the entire world. Heart-pounding, fascinating, and disturbingly realistic, this glimpse of the near future will add you to the author's hundreds of thousands of fans. Dive in, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Name: Line of Control: A Thriller
Rating: 4.5 stars over 26 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: It is 2012, and the world is a more dangerous place than ever before. Revolutions have swept aside one Middle Eastern regime after another. A regime allied to Al Qaeda has swept to power in Saudi Arabia, and uses its oil wealth and modern arsenal to further spread Jihad around the world. Yet another military coup brings a fundamentalist regime to power in Pakistan, which initiates an audacious plan to strike the first blow in this new global Jihad. As unprecedented terror attacks stun India, the stage is set for a conflict that brings the Indian subcontinent to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.

With a broad cast of characters that puts the reader into the thick of the unfolding crisis, a fast-paced storyline ripped from today's headlines, and explosive action, Line of Control is a thriller uniquely suited to the times we live in.

Reviews: "As a fan of the action and thriller genres, I have read hundreds of books like this. Few, however, are so well written. The story, though fiction, reflects reality to such an extent that there is not one detail within the story that seems implausible. So many books in this genre fail to achieve their purpose because they simply seem utterly implausible which makes it difficult if not impossible to be drawn into the story. This book had me hooked by the end of the first chapter. The author's depiction of war was so realistic that I wonder if the author was once a soldier himself because the sheer detail and reality of his depiction seems as though it has arisen from experience or at the least a great deal of research. This is by far my favorite fiction book of this year and I look forward to future titles from this author. Highly recommended! A+"

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