Friday, March 16, 2012

Jelly Wars: Free App of the Day 3/16

Title: Jelly Wars
Rating: 3.2 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Whether you're fighting as a Red Jelly or a Blue Jelly, one thing is certain: you're an angry, war-mongering Jelly. Destroy your opponent in this turn-based, goo-launching game for your Android device.

After living in harmony for centuries on opposite sides of the mountain, a bright, glowing light from the sky became the source of great contention. Both tribes sent their bravest soldier to find out what was causing the amazing glow, and to claim it as their own. The great Jelly soldiers met at the top, face-to-jiggly-face to duke it out. But still the battle ensues. The fight over the treasure has turned into generations of war. The disdain for one another runs deep.

Both Jellies are strategically placed at opposite sides of your screen, propped upon platforms floating in the water. It's a goo-launching face-off, but all kinds of obstacles stand between the two. The objective is to take turns firing at each other, obliterating obstacles in the way until one of these Jellies makes a fruit snack out of the other.

Good soldiers have a plan of attack. You've got three options: launch an exploding goo-grenade at the opponent, shoot sticky green jelly at an obstacle to eliminate it, or

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