Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Kindle Books for 3/15

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

I Think I Love You - Romance
4.3 stars over 11 reviews

Description: Bookish Regina Metcalf isn't the most exciting heroine to ever grace the pages of a romance novel, but compared to her strung-out, back-stabbing sisters, she's certainly the most well-adjusted character in this rollicking comic mystery from Bond (Got Your Number). There's nothing ordinary about the goings-on in Monroeville, N.C., despite the book's familiar premise: three sisters torn apart by a man meet up years later, ostensibly to make amends. Events quickly snowball out of control when Regina learns her elder sister has been shot at; her younger sister has an abusive boyfriend; and her parents are in debt, splitting up and auctioning off the items from their antique store.

To top everything off, the man who was convicted of murdering Regina's aunt 20 years earlier has requested a new trial, and the appraiser the bank has sent is sexy, funny and, for some odd reason, interested in Regina. But when an unsavory character with ties to the Metcalfs turns up dead, the sisters are forced to come to terms with a secret from their past and the knowledge that a killer may be after them. Near palpable romantic sparks and whodunit tension hold the reader's interest, and the book's humorous antics leaven an otherwise sober story line. With its energetic prose and cozy Southern setting, this read is a sterling source of laughs and lighthearted fun.

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The Fall of Billy Hitchings - Thriller/Action
4.7 stars over 22 review
Description: When unseen forces cause a building to implode around a typical college-aged teen working in a fast-food joint, multiple lives intertwine to unearth the source of the evil.

Billy Hitchings: An ordinary kid with everyday dreams. He has a good life with his Grandmother in Myrtle Beach, only a few blocks from the Atlantic. He even enjoys his job at the local burger joint... most of the time.

John Reeves: A marine who lost his path overseas working as a mercenary in war-torn countries across the Middle East. He works as a bodyguard in New York, never quite able to get away from the action.

Dr. Amfar Ditpra: An archaeologist from India recently graduated from the University of Michigan. He and a co-worker have orders from their self-centered boss to safely deliver a trunk full of ancient artifacts to Myrtle Beach for additional research.

Coincidence and his own curiosity push Billy into a tangled mess of dark questions with darker answers, at the heart of which are rumors of an ancient legend and a not-so-ancient artifact. Will his new friends help him find the answers he seeks? Or will they betray him to their own needs?

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Worlds Burn Through - Fantasy
4.4 stars over 8 reviews
Description: Worlds Burn Through is the first instalment in the paranormal novella trilogy, The Chronicles of Nowhere, by Kindle bestselling author Vicki Keire. Supernatural Guardians and their Wards clash against a threat cut from science fiction cloth across the pages of this intense book, leaving reviewers demanding more.

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