Friday, March 23, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books for 3/23

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

Fool Me Twice - Mystery
4.2 stars over 27 reviews


A witness is dead and linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter is the prime suspect.   If he doesn't find the killer, he'll face a murder charge.   A bloody trail of evidence leads to an abandoned silver mine under the Colorado ski slopes and an explosive finale.

If you enjoy John Grisham, Harlan Coben, Carl Hiaasen, and James Patterson, you'll love "Riptide" from Paul Levine, winner of the John D. MacDonald fiction award.  Levine has also been nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller, and James Thurber prizes. A former trial lawyer, he wrote more than 20 episodes of the CBS military drama "JAG."

Get your free copy of Fool Me Twice!

Nocturne - Fantasy Romance
3.9 stars over 49 reviews
Description: After the king she loves sets her aside for another woman, Anne Greensward must submit to an arranged marriage in a barony far from the court. On the way to meet her new husband, she encounters a masked highwayman known only as Nocturne, who first saves her life—then promptly steals her dowry.

The king and court consider the dashing bandit to be nothing more than a villain and a traitor. But away from the glittering world of the palace, Anne begins to see the truth: the common people are suffering, and Nocturne may be the only man who can bring them justice.

When she learns of a plot to capture him, Anne must choose between the chance to regain her place at the king’s side, a quiet life with her new husband, or Nocturne—a man whose face she has never seen.

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No Humans Involved - Mystery
4.6 stars over 25 reviews
Description: Half of Treasure City is controlled by a violent street gang. The other half is controlled by fear. A rookie detective, Nate Richards, is thrust between the two.
Abyss, a mysterious street gang moves into the valley and people have started dying. Nate’s girlfriend suddenly disappears and the gang is being targeted as the cause.
With his partner fighting for her life—the result of a vigilante’s bullet, political pressure from above, and time running out to find his missing girlfriend, Nate has to overcome the darkness that has taken over the city and threatening to consume his soul? Forced to fight to stay on the case, he has to work against his command and the elements of the streets while trying to hold on to his faith that seems to make less and less sense as details unfold.
With darkness growing and evil seeming to swell, will Nate have enough time to solve the murder and discover the identity of the new gang leader before his girlfriend becomes the latest victim in the growing violent total. Will he succumb to the pressure to get the job done by any means necessary, or will he become part of the problem and prove that there are No Humans Involved.

Get your free copy of No Humans Involved!

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