Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Upcoming Kindle Release Rumors

Technology moves quickly, and that's a pretty indisputable fact. Even when the Fire was first released, there was already talk of other models in development, not just tablets but phones, and for that we should probably count ourselves lucky that the Fire will probably have 6 months all to itself in the Amazon tablet lineup.

But now the rumors are getting more insistent, rough release timetables and spec details are being leaked, and it's time for us to start looking ahead to when the Kindle Fire is one of a few tablet options that people have. And the Kindle Fire Department will be expanding as well. We'll be taking charge for all of Amazon's tablet releases, providing you with the best tips, apps, and books out there.

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Here is the likely timeline for releases at this point.

1. 6" Color E-Ink Kindle E-Reader (Anticipated Release: March)
Digitimes is reporting a production order for millions of color e-ink screens to be delivered starting in March. Considering the Fire is already spurring more illustrated books, this will be a nice enhancement for Kindle e-readers. A big question mark is if this technology will make its way into Amazon's tablets as well.

2. Kindle Fire Version 2.0 (Anticipated Release: April or May)
Another hotly anticipated item from Amazon is a second version of the Kindle Fire, one with the same size but a few fixes and additional features. No word yet on exactly what it'll have, but it's not hard to reach for possibilities: volume button, SD card, camera, additional memory. It'll be interesting to see if the original Fire's price drops as a result or if this 2nd gen version costs a bit more.

3. 10" Kindle Tablet (Anticipated Release: May or June) 
Even though the Kindle Fire took plenty of steam out of the iPad's sails, the real competitor will be a forthcoming 10" Tablet from Amazon with a quad-core processor and top-of-the-line specs. 3G (or higher) might be a possibility with this one, though that's likely to mean a monthly internet service bill.

4. Amazon Smartphone (Anticipated Release: November 2012)
Can't say there's much talk about this one, other than that it seems like the next logical step for Amazon. You can bet they'll have something big up their sleeve in time for the holiday season, and this would definitely fit the bill.

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