Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take the Monkeys and Run: Today's Kindle Book of the Day 2/29

With a book this good it's hard to know where to start! Take the Monkeys and Run, the first in a series from bestselling murder mystery author Karen Cantwell, has had the kind of incredible success that any other book would be jealous of. Topping the bestseller charts for years and winning over readers at every turn, this humorous novel about a humble suburban mother's foray into sleuthing is something so many out there can relate to. And at just 99 cents this novel is to die for!

Name: Take the Monkeys and Run (A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery #1)
Rating: 4.0 stars over 130 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods, Virginia. Typical, that is until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie’s Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor.

Reviews: "In this funny, touching, improbable escapade in the burbs, heroine and movie buff Barbara Marr faces life's mishaps and mysteries with pluck and wit. She's not a gal to be undone by a few setbacks -- her husband has just walked out of their marriage, her mother keeps popping in unannounced, and oh yes, there's a severed head in the abandoned house next door, not to mention monkeys on the loose in the trees. It's enough to make the ordinary soccer mom want to run and hide but not this heroine. And that's what makes this first book by Karen Cantwell such a treat. She's given readers a story that shows how any woman can rise to any occasion and overcome just about any challenge. Bravo! I enjoyed every minute & recommend it with enthusiasm.."

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  1. I loved this book. Fast-moving and fresh. When you're finished, you'll be a Karen Cantwell fan and you'll enjoy the rest of her books.


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