Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skin Games: Today's Kindle Book of the Day

Today we're very excited to bring you a stellar crime drama novel from up-and-coming author Adam Pepper, whose style embodies an engaging mix of humor, Romeo & Juliet star-crossed romance, and a no-holds barred approach to crime and violence that does not shy away from the details. If you're a thriller fan who wants to get in knee-deep with the mob, this needs to be your next read. The cover really speaks to me as well. Don't miss your chance on this one!

Name: Skin Games: A Crime Drama
Rating: 4.5 stars over 6 reviews
Price: 3.99
Description: When a mafia princess falls for a two-bit hoodlum an unhappy don plays some rough games in order to separate the two lovers.

Sean O'Donnell is a man who always keeps his word, especially to a lady. His good-for-nothing old man left his mother flat. When she gets ill, Sean assures her that he will never be like his father; if he makes a promise he will keep it, no matter what the cost. When local mob boss Mario Torretta's daughter Nicole falls for Sean, the Don is not pleased, and makes it known that Sean is not good enough for his princess. However, Nicole is in love and begs Sean to stick by her. Once Sean gives his word, no amount of pressure from the Don will weaken his resolve. Sean will endure and persevere to keep his promise to Nicole, and to his mother.

Reviews: "This book was definitely a page turner. It had everything a great story should have as far as suspense, romance and comedy. Everything comes together like a puzzle in the story line. Definitely a great read. I enjoyed the book very much."

Get your copy of Skin Games: A Crime Drama now!

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