Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Kindle Fire Book Collections App Campaign!

 Just check out the...

That's right. We're going to make a Book Collections app for the Kindle Fire, because so far there hasn't been any way at all to organize our books. But we don't want to just make an app, we want to make an awesome app that has a great design, functions seamlessly with the Fire, and is something that every Fire owner will want to have.

We want to do this, but we can't do it alone. We need your help! Everyone who contributes gets a copy of the finished app, plus there are lots of other great goodies, like a chance to beta-test and Amazon Gift Cards! Contribute now!

The cost to create this app, provide support, and get it finished is about $5000. There is an app developer that we've contacted that's standing by, ready to do this for all of us, but we just don't have that kind of money. That's why we need your help. Everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign will receive a copy of the app when it's finished. It's like a pre-order. If you donate more, there are other great perks.

Just $10 gets you a copy of the app when it's finished, and $25 gets you the app plus our Tips & Tricks Guide!

People who donate just $50 or more will get a very cool opportunity to beta-test the app with us and provide feedback to help us improve it. Now we get 150,000 visitors a month to this site, easily making it the biggest Kindle Fire-focused site out there. We know we can easily raise this money and make this app if we all contribute what we can. Will you stand with us?

Contributing to IndieGoGo is easy and safe. Just drop by the Fundraising Page, click on Contribute Now, and zip through the process. We'll only receive your funds if we reach our goal. There's no risk to you if it doesn't happen.

What do you think? Are you ready to stand up and help us make something amazing? We hope so. Visit our Fundraising Page, and then help us get the word out by sharing with other Fire owners you know. Thank you for your help and for telling people wherever there are Kindle Fire users. Eventually this app will be available for sale on Amazon, but this is your chance to get it first!

Thank you. Now let's get to work! :)


  1. That would be an awesome addition to my Fire...

  2. We think so too, lilladee25! We really want to make this happen, but we need everyone's help. Thank you for your support! :)

  3. Glad to hear it, careyanne! Thanks for contributing!

  4. Cannot wait!!!!!! Truly the ONLY thing I don't like about my Fire is not being able to organize my books. You got my verbal and financial support!

  5. Excellent !!
    Having two Kindles I've often thought that feature would be a great addition to my Fire. I use it extensively on my other one. I will gladly support this venture. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, Leighfirst and GorioJ! We appreciate it! :)

  7. Count me in! I really missed this feature when I upgraded to the Fire.

  8. Thanks, Marie! We appreciate it! We really want to bring Collections to the Fire, and it'll happen if more people contribute.

  9. Thanks for your support, Shannon! If you've got any friends with Fires, definitely let them know!

  10. Sounds great! You can count me in!! I can hardly wait!

  11. Thanks so much, Cathy! We appreciate it! :)

  12. Hey, gadget, how about an update on the progress so far. Maybe a link to check the progress for those of us who have contributed and want to know if we're getting close. Thanks.

    1. Hi GorioJ, the campaign page displays the amount received on the right side, so just click on the link to check that out. We've still got a long ways to go, and I think some people are hesitant about doing something like this, but I've got some great ideas to make them un-hesitant! Stay tuned!


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