Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Office App for Kindle Fire: Tips and Tricks

If you want to have any level of productivity with your Fire, you're going to need an Office app of some kind, but unfortunately there really aren't many great options out there. The preinstalled version of Quickoffice only works as a reader, meaning you can't create any documents unless you pay the $15 for Quickoffice Pro. Up until now, I would've said that's actually a good deal. Having Word, Excel, and Powerpoint capabilities on the go is valuable, and I wouldn't tell anyone who paid for that app that they made a mistake. But we're glad to discover that there's a freeware version out there, and we're thrilled to save you the $15 if we can.

The app we're talking about is Kingsoft Office for Android.
This app has pretty much everything you'd expect to find in Quickoffice Pro. It's compatible with MS Office files and allows you to create, edit, view, and save them. The built-in file manager is another nice feature, which allows you to search for files on your Fire if you're not sure where they are. The interface has somewhat fewer features than Quickoffice, but that shouldn't be a problem unless you're doing something completely out of the ordinary. Let's take a look:

One thing you may notice on Kingsoft Office's product page description is that it says the app is a 2-week free trial, but there's good reason to believe that the app is completely free forever and that description is outdated. According to their website, they made the decision to switch the app to free a short while ago. Although I seriously doubt there would be any situation where the app would ask you to pay, you can also download the .APK file directly from Kingsoft's Website.

Unless we find anything fishy about it, it's very possible that our go-to office app for the Kindle Fire will be Kingsoft Office for Android! At the very least, save yourself the $15 and give this a try first to see if it works for you.


  1. Thanks so much for this/ I got my Kindle for Christmas and I am really enjoying it and all the free items that you offer to your customers. Not many do that. Thanks again and keep looking out for us your loyal customers.

  2. We're very glad we could help you out, ecpd188. Thanks for visiting the Kindle Fire Department!

  3. Ah... thanks for coming up with yet another PERFECT app... and FREE to boot!!

    But I'm confused now. The write-up says one could download the .APK directly from Kingsoft. Has the Fire OS been changed to allow sideloading of apps now?

    When the Fire Dept first came out; I downloaded 15-20 "freebie apps" to my PC. When I finally got my FIRE (Christmas present)... I was able to connect the FIRE to my PC... move your (early) apps to the FIRE, downloaded a File Manager... and tried to install. I kept getting a "duplicate system file" error and... after 3-4 calls to Tech Support... they finally told me... NO CAN DO!!!

    So now... what's YOUR process to sideload this APK and get it to install?????

    Thanks in advance,

  4. This is a completely different app but I am wondering what the chances are that Zynga will create apps for us to play their games on our Fire? I'm interested in Cafe World, Pioneerville and Farmville. I know we have the Express FV but not the same as being able to play the game.

    1. Hi Red Robin, thanks for your question. Unfortunately it's completely up to Zynga how long it takes them to develop apps for Farmville and others. It's really pretty shocking it hasn't happened already. Although we can't say for sure when it'll happen, we'll definitely be letting people know when it does!

  5. Hi Steve, I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble, and I'm also sorry that you waited so long before coming to us to get it straightened out.

    As for free apps before you got your Fire, you should've gotten an email with a file attached that would've allowed you to redownload apps you've gotten before on your Fire. Using a sync cable or something like WiFi File Explorer to move the file into your Fire's folder should've been enough. But if it wasn't, using Easy Installer to integrate the app into your Fire's system would take care of it. Those are the same methods we'd recommend for installing the Kingsoft Office app if you were going to sideload it from the website.

    I hope that helps. The Fire has always been able to accept sideloaded apps. Just make sure you allow apps from "Unknown Sources" in your settings.


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