Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Kindle Fire Apps and Kindle Books for 2/22

Though everything is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase!

Basketball Shot II - Games                                           Evernight - YA
3.4 stars over 5 reviews                                        3.8 stars over 194 reviews

App Remover - Utility                                         A Higher Court - Contemporary
4.0 stars over 18 reviews                                         4.3 stars over 22 reviews

Pulmenti Word Search - Games                              A Soul to Steal - Ghosts
4.3 stars over 6 reviews                                        4.9 stars over 41 reviews


  1. tI have a question about the app remover. My fire is just filling up with the apps even though I don't have that many. I tried removing ones I don't use and leave them in my cloud but it did not really help the memory. I was thinking of downloading this to see if it would help but if I use it to delete something I purchased and change my mind later can I get it back?

  2. Hi Barbara, all of your purchases remain in the cloud on your Amazon account, and unless you delete them from there you'll always be able to re-download them. As for deleting apps from your Fire, this app will do it, but you can also just hold the app and wait for the menu to pop-up allowing you to delete. Kind of a nice feature of this App Remover app is that it helps get rid of apps that get stuck downloading too. Taking them off your Fire should clear up all of their memory. You can check how much space apps are using by going to Settings> Applications> Filter By All Applications, and that'll give you your list, and tapping on one app there will also give you an option to uninstall. Hope that helps!


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