Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Kindle Books for 2/7

And in case you missed it, don't forget about our Bargain Kindle Book of the Day: The Troll Hunter!

All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click!

The Bridge Never Crossed-A Survivor's Search for Meaning - Nonfiction
4.9 stars over 21 reviews
Description: Let me introduce myself. My name is Captain George Burk, USAF (Ret). It’s only now, after nearly thirty years, that I can reflect on a period of my life which was both tragic and inspirational. Yet try as I may, I still cannot logically account for my humble presence upon this planet. I can only be thankful to a power greater than all earthly powers and to those who befriended, helped and guided me.

Sometimes during the darker moments of my reflection I wonder why, apart from so many fine colleagues, my life was spared to endure the se-quence of events and horrendous consequences that began that morning.
It was a West Coast spring morning that dawned foggy and overcast like so many other Northern California spring mornings. It was May 4, 1970, and there was never a hint or omen in that salt-laden sea mist billowing westward from the steamy Pacific Ocean to herald that day which so dramatically changed the remainder of my life and the lives of so many others.

Get your free copy of The Bridge Never Crossed-A Survivor's Search for Meaning!

The 19 Dragons - Steampunk
4.3 stars over 11 reviews


There are nineteen provinces in the Land held aloft by nineteen pillars. Above the earth there is sky, and nobody knows what goes below except the Nineteen Dragons.

That is all you need to know, but that is not all there is to be known.

The Device has been stolen and the godlike Dragons have been rendered mortal. Someone is murdering them one by one, and each death brings the world closer to its end. Unless the the Device is somehow restored to its deceased owner, the Dragons are doomed to destruction-- and the human world will go with them.

THE 19 DRAGONS is a steampunk novella of approximately 80 pages. PLEASE NOTE: There are blank pages and unusual formatting as a method of storytelling. This is intentional.

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The Wary Widow - Romance
3.8 stars over 22 reviews
Description: When Chloe Hawthorne is asked to chaperone her cousin during the London Season, it is with a heavy heart that she departs her home and family in Essex.Though she has been widowed for more than a year, she has yet to move on, and is loathe to do so. But when she meets her cousin's fiancee, Lord Andrew Wetherby, she must choose between honoring her cousin's impending marriage and following her heart.

Andrew Wetherby has chosen the perfect bride. She is well bred and beautiful - what more could the second son of a marquess ask for? However, when Lady Elizabeth's new chaperone arrives on the scene, he knows he's made a mistake of monumental proportions. The young widow with the russet curls captures his undivided attention, but as a gentleman, there is little he can do about it...or is there?

Get your free copy of The Wary Widow!


  1. thanks! i got the bridge never crossed (=

  2. Thanks for "The Bridge Never Crossed." Already had the other two! Keep 'em coming! Lee

  3. Enjoy, Lee and Carrieann! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Thanks, can't wait to read them:)

  5. After reading a sample, even though it's only a novella, I decided to download 19 Dragons. Thanks Kindle Fire Dept. Looking forward to what you offer on a daily basis and glad to have found you on Facebook.

  6. Very glad you found something that suits your tastes, Nytewynd18. Thanks for joining us! :)


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