Friday, February 24, 2012

Epiphany: Today's Kindle Book of the Day 2/24

Let me tell you what Epiphany from Stuart Land is about, and you tell me if it doesn't sound like an amazing story. All over the world adolescent virgin girls are spontaneously becoming pregnant, and the people in their lives are ravenously searching for the reason why. The emerging chaos is riveting, but this story is actually more of a medical mystery rooted in scientific fact. If you want to find out what this actually entails and how something like this could actually happen, check out the book for yourself!

Name: Epiphany
Rating: 4.5 stars over 20 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Doctor Sam Enright and his geneticist wife, Dorinda, face turmoil in their small town when a dozen adolescent girls show up pregnant at Sam’s office—and they’re all virgins. When their own daughter falls victim to the same fate, the Enrights rush to Homeland Security for answers. As the questions multiply, they realize they are at the vanguard of a worldwide epidemic, and the mystery deepens.

As events escalate, a disparate group of international doctors, scientists, and mothers-to-be are brought together at Dorinda’s genetics lab in Middle America. They race to find the cause and meaning of the mysterious pregnancies, but every discovery reveals a new, worse scenario, leaving humanity's very existence in question.

Reviews: "Stuart Land has written an amazing tale that would shock the world, where prepubescent virgins throughout the world become pregnant. I had to sit back and think how parents would react to their 11 year old child's pregnancy and have to give kudos to Stuart for writing exactly what many of us would feel. As adults, we would be out for blood...and desperate to find the culprit. Stuart has eloquently put this terror, anger, and disbelief into words. I won't spill anymore of the story but I can tell you Stuart Land has written a suspenseful masterpiece that should be on the Bestseller list. Suspenseful, emotional, fill with a mystery that puzzles the world, Mr. Land has my resounding 5 stars!"

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  1. I read this book and it is AWESOME! I am a huge Stuart Land fan! You should definitely check this book out!!

  2. I read this book too and it was fabulous! I highly recommend it!


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