Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Discounts on Kindle Fire Accessories

I'm not exactly sure why Valentine's Day would inspire Amazon to discount a nice variety of Kindle Fire accessories by 30% or more, but I'm certainly not complaining. If you're still waiting to get a Case or a Sleeve, this is a perfect opportunity to pick one up. If you wish the Fire had 3G capability, you can now save $85.00 and get a MiFi Wireless Card for 57% off! Cords and Adapters are also seeing some very nice discounts. Let's take a look at some of the best options!

Cases and Sleeves
Since the Fire was released in November, the selection of cases, covers, and sleeves has grown exponentially. Now it's possible to get beautiful designs for really pretty cheap. There's a Large Selection, but here are a couple of our favorites. All of these are 30% off!

These cases from Thule and Case Logic are really cool, and I bet they'll last pretty much forever.

Wireless MiFi Mobile Hotspot
We hear regularly from people who wish the Fire had 3G capability so they could access the internet from anywhere, and we always tell them that the best option out there is the Novatel Prepaid MiFi Mobile Hotspot. The price does fluctuate quite a lot though, so if you're interested don't hesitate to pick up this card for almost 60% off!
Kindle Fire Accessories
We're always keeping our eyes peeled for ways to save on accessories that'll help us get better use out of the Fire and its battery life. Getting this 6" Long Data Sync Cable at 77% off the price is a real steal, and this HHI Car Charger is a full 64% off too! Know that there are other kinds of car chargers and adapters out there, but they cost much more and do the same thing. This is definitely the way to go.

Stay tuned for more free apps and books!


  1. longer cord & angled adapter just arrived and are in use as I type!

  2. Glad they're working out for you, Rosie!


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