Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bangkok Burn: Today's Book of the Day 2/12

You won't find an edge-of-your-seat ride like Bangkok Burn from author Simon Royle. I have to admit that as soon as I saw in the description there was a crocodile farm it put a big smile on my face. You just know there's going to be some crazy situations, and I appreciate the foreign flare as well. Great reviews and an already strong sales record for this new book put a "Future Bestseller" stamp all over it. Grab it now, and don't let the crocodiles get you!

Name: Bangkok Burn - A Thriller
Rating: 5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Take a walk on the darkside.

Orphaned as a child and raised as the only son of a Thai mafia godfather, Chance plans to quit the family business for the woman he loves.

Chance’s father is the godfather of Pak Nam and owner of the largest crocodile farm on earth. He didn’t get to where he is without knowing a thing or two about people, including how long it takes for a crocodile to digest one. Before Chance can quit, his father asks him to “take care of a little something for me.” Then a bomb goes off.

Waking up in hospital later that night, his father in a coma next door, Chance’s troubles have only just begun. There are three guys dressed in black down the corridor and they aren’t carrying flowers. Worse, Uncle Mike isn’t answering his phone, and a guy with a lisp is asking for a hundred million dollars in a week or “I’ll kill him, sthlowly.”

While figuring out who is trying to put the family permanently out of business, where to get a hundred million, and who’s got Uncle Mike, in the midst of a Bangkok gone crazy with factional fighting, quitting the family business takes a backseat to survival.

Survival begins with dying. And dying is the easy part.

Reviews: "This chilling, high-octane thriller takes you to parts of Bangkok no tourist should ever go, a world where life is cheap and morality non-existent. Hungry crocodiles, fast action, and strong characterizations make for a riveting read. The main character, Chance, is an enigma: family-orientated, loyal and loving... and a cold-blooded killer. I'd certainly want him on my side. If you like lean, mean thrillers in exotic settings, you can't go past Bangkok Burn."

Get your copy of Bangkok Burn - A Thriller now!

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