Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Different?: Today's Free App, Plus Book of the Day: An Unexpected Bride

Looks like there's some good news out there for Kindle Fire fans. It seems there are a lot more of us than we thought before! According to the NY Times and Barclays, the Fire is now estimated to have sold as many as 6 million devices in 2011, with 20 million more coming in 2012. Lots of good news out there, including our free app and book of the day!

Today's book of the day comes to us from romantic comedy writer Shadonna Richards. Her debut novel, An Unexpected Bride, has burst onto the scene, zooming up the bestseller lists and racking up fans for her faster than other writers rack up words. We're excited to give you the chance to find out why it's such a smash hit!

Name: An Unexpected Bride
Rating: 3.3 stars over 18 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Emma Wiggins is about to marry her heart-stopping, gorgeous boss, CEO Evan Fletcher, in seven days—too bad he doesn’t know it yet!

Desperate to fulfill her ailing grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down and get married, Emma Wiggins, a 30-year-old, career-focused executive tells him a little white lie on his deathbed that she is in fact engaged--to her boss, deliciously handsome and emotionally unavailable, Evan Fletcher.

The situation takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather's condition improves slightly and to her shock, he goes ahead and arranges a wedding ceremony at his hospital bedside before he passes on. Now, all Emma has to do is convince unsuspecting, commitment-phobic Evan to tie the knot with her in seven days. Can love blossom in the most unlikely situation?

Reviews: "'An Unexpected Bride' had an attention-grabbing opening, complications that kept me turning the pages, and characters you can't help falling in love with. My only issue was that, at the end, I wanted more. This is a light-hearted romance that will have you smiling...quite an entertaining read."

Get your copy of An Unexpected Bride now!

Today's free app is a great one for kids. Nice graphics complement an engaging game will have you guessing which one of these is not like the other. Grab it for free for the kids in your life!

Title: What's Different?
Rating: 3.0 stars over 25 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: What's Different is a fun educational game for young children (ages 3 and up). Join the adorable ladybug guide on a learning adventure that will keep your little ones thinking and guessing.

When you begin playing, you'll see four objects, three of which are the same in some way and one that is different. There may be three birds and one dog, for example, or three people smiling and one frowning. Tap the image you think is different and, if you're correct, the ladybug will fly in celebration of your success and you'll pass to the next set.

If you're not quite sure which image is different from the others, tap the hint button. Hints are available in five languages. Meanwhile, enjoy fun, vibrant graphics full of flowers, leaves, and landscapes, as well as amusing sound effects. Track your score as you play through 125 sets and have fun!

Get your free copy of What's Different?!

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