Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twist n'Catch: Today's Free App, Plus BOTD: The Winter Wolves

Today's book of the day comes to us from young-adult writer V. A. Jeffrey, and we're very pleased to bring you her exciting tale of fantasy and faeries. Behind the beautiful cover, you'll find that this story in touching in the way that all the best fairy tales are, and I absolutely like the concept of the Summer Queen being captive of the Winter Queen and one little girl's brave mission. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up now!

Name: The Winter Wolves (Secret Doorway Tales)
Rating: 5.0 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 1.49
Description: Winter has come early, an unusually fierce winter that has nearly paralyzed the city, courtesy of the Winter Fairy Queen. Her reach has had consequences far and wide, especially in Other Land where winter's rage has been the cruelest.

Anne goes back to Other Land armed with armor made by the gnomes, her hammer and ring and a new weapon against the Queen, but will it work? The dreaded unlocked doorway appears right in her own bedroom and trouble immediately finds her when she embarks on her latest mission! The Queen soon sends word to capture Anne and bring her to the castle on the Ice Sea, where the Summer Queen is being held captive. Constant skirmishes and battles assault and weaken the free folk, making way for Queen Faye's great army from the north to strike the final blow on all those who oppose her rule. Anne and her friends must battle winter fairies and trolls and make their way to the safety of the Whitestone Lodge where Great Grandfather Whitestone, the other gnome Grandfathers and an army of gnome family clans have gathered. The gnome Grandfathers have a plan to defeat the Winter Queen, which involves placing Anne right into her clutches!

Will Anne's new weapon and the Grandfathers' plan work? Can they stop Queen Faye before she destroys Queen Titian and births her unending winter?

Reviews: "I was drawn to The Winter Wolves through its beautiful cover; and the tale within does not disappoint! Now, I'm a grown-up, but this is precisely the sort of book I would have loved as a middle-grader: Easy to read, yet the prose sparkles and shines with delicate description and carefully set scenes. The young heroine is charming and sweet, and we can sympathize with her troubles with the 'mean' girls at school. And the magical elements blend in beautifully with the modern story."

Get your copy of The Winter Wolves (Secret Doorway Tales) now!

Today's free app is a highly rated one that reminds me a lot of Catch the Rope. There's no better reason to do a little spelunking than to discover giant jewels buried in the earth, but you've got to be careful of all of the obstacles. Give it a try!

Title: Twist n'Catch
Rating: 3.8 stars over 44 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Test your adventuring skills in Twist n'Catch, an action-packed game of puzzles and dexterity for your Android device. You're the intrepid explorer Emmet Black, and your gig is treasure hunting. Travel the world over, discover exotic places, and bring back riches galore!

Accompanied by your faithful companion, Sergeant Cookie, you drop yourself into dangerous realms in search of diamonds and sapphires. Held in mid-air by nothing but a rope and your own self-confidence, your task is to find a way to collect gems while avoiding innumerable obstacles and traps.

There's no shortage of fun in this test of skill and prowess. Solve more than 120 levels as you explore three full universes of adventure.

Get your free copy of Twist n'Catch!

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