Monday, January 23, 2012

Troubleshooting: Browser Problems, Blank Book Pages, and Pixel Ripples

Before we get into today's troubleshooting guide, I wanted to share the response we received from our Kindle Fire Giveaway winner, Ginny, who had us send the Fire to her daughter Allison down in North Carolina. The message we found in our inbox from Ginny about her daughter's reaction was heartwarming and touching to say the least, and she's given us permission to share it with you.

"Just writing to let you know that no words can possibly express the total joy Allison experienced upon receiving her Kindle Fire!  She called me when it arrived and opened it while we were on the phone.  Excitement barely describes what she felt.  She was overwhelmed and really loved the whole story :)  As she said, and I had told you, she would have NEVER bought one for herself - everything at this stage in her life is for the kids. Thank you again for everything.  You made a very busy wife and mom incredibly happy.  Now she will be able to escape for awhile when she has a few precious moments to herself!"

Wasn't that nice? Who knew a Kindle Fire could bring someone so much happiness? But of course time to time we can have issues with our Fire too. There have been a few problems we've been hearing about recently, and we're going to do what we do best and tell you how to fix them.

Browser and Flash Problems

If in the past week you're finding yourself unable to access websites that you could before, or you're being told that you need to download Adobe Flash Player or things like that, you are most likely affected by the recent software update that added some new controls for flash but turned the default to OFF. Turning it back on, however, is a piece of cake and should get everything back to normal. Open a new browser, hit menu at the bottom, then settings, go down to Enable Flash, where you'll see the tab to turn it ON. That should take care of it.

Blank Book Pages on the Fire

This was an odd one that when I first heard of it made me think, how could that possibly happen? But a few people are finding that there are plain blank pages in the middle of their Kindle books on the Fire. I couple imagine what would cause that or how to fix it, so I took the initiative and contacted Amazon Customer Service myself to get the scoop. Here's the official way to handle this problem:

"We recently discovered an error with a small number of books that once downloaded to a Kindle Fire would cause some books to show blank pages.

We have since corrected this issue. To ensure the changes take place on your device, please follow these steps:

1.    Ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network
2.    Tap Quick settings in the upper right corner of your Kindle Fire
3.    Press the Sync button and wait 15 minutes
4.    Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release. After the device has completely turned off press the power button to restart your Kindle Fire

If you still have any concerns regarding this, you are welcome to contact us again."

From the looks of it, Amazon has already discovered which files have been having problems, and a simple sync and reboot is all that's needed. If the problem persists after following those steps, a call is definitely in order.

Screen Pixel Problems

Another thing that's been happening to people on occasion is that they've had minor screen problems involving pixels that are off, giving the impression of lines or ripples in the image on the screen. It's hard to tell exactly what's causing it, but the ways to get rid of it are easy enough to implement. Quickly putting the Fire in Sleep Mode will refresh the pixels and is a good solution. Doing a hard reset is another option. If this kind of thing happens to you all the time or you're having other screen problems, contacting Amazon Kindle Support is the way to go.

Hopefully these tips help keep your Fire working perfectly! We'll finish with a couple helpful utilities. Note that we've also heard of people having trouble with apps stuck on their Fires even after they are deleted. Using AppRemover should help take care of that. And then there's a new WiFi Analyzer that I look forward to comparing to the classic one.

Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool                                     AppRemover


  1. I had the blank page issue with a book from the library (through amazon) I closed the book and re-opened it and it was fine.

  2. Good to hear it was an easy fix for you, Ken, though it's curious why the severity would differ for different people. Good ole technology.

  3. I'm having trouble with my browser but not like what you have listed above. Just about every time I open my browser, whether it too a blank page or a page I had previously opened, it also opens pages I had been to in the past which I had cleared from my history. How do I get it to stop opening those past pages?

    1. I have the old pages that I had cleared from history opening as well. Don't know how to fix it...just wanted to let you know its not just you.

    2. Thanks for letting us know, Greyelf. I'll obviously have to investigate this more myself and get a hold of customer service if necessary on if there's anything people can do to fix this themsevles. Weirdly, their customer service page above seems to be down at the moment. But I'll report anything I come up with.

  4. Hi Kyra, I've actually heard of people having issues with that too, except it's a little deeper in the software and not something you can really fix on your own. Giving customer service a call is your best bet for getting that taken care of.

  5. Alright thanks! I had the problems with books too, what I would do is just go back a page and then it would be fine. I love my kindle fire though and wouldn't trading it for anything in the world.

  6. Glad to hear it, Kyra! Yeah, the blank pages thing should be a thing of the past pretty soon. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Ya. Thanks for having this site ^^

  8. Here's the response I got from Amazon about the multiple tabs thing:

    "If you have opened multiple tabs on your Fire, you need to close all the windows before you go back to the home screen.

    I request you to close all the tabs and then reopen the browser you that this problem would be solved. If closing the multiple tabs doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us by phone."

    Other than some shaky English, being sure to close tabs before you leave the program might be good advice. Hope it helps those of you experiencing this, otherwise a call is definitely in order.


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