Saturday, January 14, 2012

Touch Racing: Today's Free App, Plus Book of the Day: The Highest Tide

Today's book of the day comes to us from author Jim Lynch, whose novel about an extraordinary find of a giant squid (one of my favorite creatures) sparks a flurry of attention. Highly rated, and 90% off for today only. Check it out!

Name: The Highest Tide
Rating: 4.1 stars over 75 reviews
Price: $8.99 0.99
Description: The fertile strangeness of marine tidal life becomes a subtly executed metaphor for the bewilderments of adolescence in this tender and authentic coming-of-age novel, Lynch's first. As a precocious, undersized 13-year-old living on the shore of Puget Sound, in Washington State, Miles O'Malley has developed a consuming passion for the abundant life of the tidal flats. His simple pleasure in observing is tested and complicated over the course of a remarkable summer, when he finds a giant squid, a discovery that brings him the unwelcome attention of scientists, TV reporters and a local cult. Meanwhile, Miles's remote parents are considering a divorce; his best friend, Florence, an elderly retired psychic, is dying of a degenerative disease; his sex-obsessed buddy, Phelps, mocks his science-geek knowledge; and his desperate crush on Angie Stegner, the troubled girl next door, both inspires and humiliates him. Events build toward the date of a record high tide, and Miles slowly sorts out his place in the adult world. While occasionally Lynch packs too much into a small story, this moving, unusual take on the summers of childhood conveys a contagious sense of wonder at the variety and mystery of the natural world.

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Today's free app is a nice little racing game with some intuitive controls for the touch screen. Cute graphics and sounds make this one a fun game to play around with!

Title: Touch Racing Nitro
Rating: 3.6 stars over 38 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Roaring engines. Hairpin curves. Spectacular crashes, spinouts, and rollovers. If you like auto racing, you've got to get Touch Racing Nitro for Android. It's a gas.

Whether you aspire to be Michael Schumacher, Danica Patrick, or Jeff Gordon, you'll love the nonstop 3D action and old-school sounds of this game. The graphics and swooping camera angles are very realistic and immerse you totally in the racing environment.

One thing that sets this app apart from other auto racing games is the touchscreen controls. Forget the virtual joystick--here you steer your vehicle by sliding your thumbs along the bottom of the screen. After spending some time in the Tutorial mode, you'll get the hang of it and find this method much easier and more intuitive.

Get your free copy of Touch Racing Nitro!

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