Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top Apps of the Week for 2nd Week of January

Even though we only featured this battery monitor yesterday, the undeniable value of something that can tell you exactly what's using up your battery and what's going on with the power was enough to make this our top app of the week. Do yourself a favor and get this new release version made specifically for the Kindle Fire for 50% off!

Name: Badass Battery Monitor (Kindle Fire Edition)
Rating: 4.1 stars over 10 reviews
Price: $1.99 0.99
Description: The Kindle Fire Edition of the Badass Battery Monitor brings you all the acclaimed features of the Free version with additional functionality. The app is optimized exclusively for the Kindle Fire, including enhanced control over certain applications and more accurate time-remaining estimates. With Badass Battery Monitor, you can maintain optimal performance of your Kindle Fire’s battery to ensure you always have access to your favorite e-books and digital media.

Get your copy of Badass Battery Monitor (Kindle Fire Edition)!

A great train simulator at a great price! Take advantage of this huge discount and chug-a-chug your way across the country!

Name: Trainz Simulator THD
Rating: 2.9 stars over 29 reviews
Price: $4.99 0.99
Description: Trainz Simulator THD allows you to build and operate the railroad of your dreams. With the full functionality of the Trainz custom built input system, you'll find laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks a breeze. Trainz Simulator THD is packed full of content, routes, and sessions to give you an awesome train experience.

Trainz Simulator includes everything you need to build and operate your own railroad. Build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a railroad from days gone by, or develop a fully fledged prototypical route. The choice is yours. Trainz Simulator THD offers advanced visual effects such as lighting, weather effects, fog, higher detail trains, beautiful water, increased performance, and two new routes with all new sessions.

Get your copy of Trainz Simulator THD!

When I mentioned earlier in the week that Cordy was a beautiful new puzzle game, lots of people flocked to it. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite new games. One quick tip: there's a trap at the end of the 4th level. Complete the level by staying on the lower path to get to level 5, otherwise you might think the game had only 4 levels.

Name: Cordy
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: $4.99 2.99
Description: Cordy is a little robot with a big job--to power up his world! Help Cordy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, bounce, swing, and hover in this beautiful console-quality 3D puzzle platform game for your Android phone or tablet.

Race against time and solve exciting puzzles. Enjoy hours of gameplay with 27 levels of fast-paced action. Get ready to harness the power of pure fun!

*Play this fun, popular console-quality 3D puzzle platform game on your Android device
*Race against time and solve exciting puzzles as you help Cordy power up his world
*Enjoy hours of gameplay with 27 levels of fun

Get your copy of Cordy!

A great, highly rated app to help you drift off to sleep or just provide some soothing background music in the evenings, this one gets a big plus. Sounds beautiful on the Fire.

Name: Sleepy Time
Rating: 4.3 stars over 96 reviews
Price: 1.49
Forget about counting sheep, an endless layover on your trip to the Land of Nod, or courting the good graces of Mr. Sandman. All you need is the Sleepy Time app for Android and you'll find yourself floating into dreamtime on the waves of your favorite sounds in just a few easy steps.

Sleepy Time offers a wide assortment of audio tracks specially designed to lead you gently into the arms of slumber. You can choose from various sounds including the beach, birds, crickets, and white noise. Once you've selected your favorites, download them onto your device and you're 20 winks to 40. Sleepy Time is also able to mix up to three sounds so you can create your own personalized sleep sound profile.

Sound options include the following. In many cases, there are several different versions of each sound.

Get your copy of Sleepy Time!

Emit is a wildly useful app that allows you to stream music and videos from your PC. We did a whole feature on Emit earlier that you should definitely take a look at!

Name: Emit
Rating: 3.7 stars over 7 reviews
Price: $3.50 1.99
Description: Emit allows you to encode and stream videos and iTunes music from a home computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux directly to an Android device from your local Wi-Fi, 3G, or external Wi-Fi. No need to wait for your video to encode entirely! Or you can pre-encode videos and download them to your device for offline viewing. With Android 2.3 or higher, you can also use HTTP Live streaming. Supports .srt and mkv subtitles.

Get your copy of Emit!


  1. When I try to buy the Trainz app, it is $4.99 not $.99. What's the deal? Please help. Thanks.

  2. Hi JoanK, unfortunately it looks like that sale price has passed. Sorry!


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