Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reversi, Free App of the Day 1/26

We've mentioned several classic boardgames on this blog, scrabble, monopoly, and so on. But here's one that people might not immediately think of, Reversi. It's a simple game of trapping black or white tokens around yours. It's a strategy game that's been played for thousands of years, and now you can play it on your Fire!

Title: Reversi
Rating: 4.1 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: AI Factory's Reversi brings the classic board game to your Android phone. Reversi sports a clean and intuitive interface, features 10 levels of difficulty, and provides an Undo button if you want to make a different move. Play against the AI or a human opponent.

Reversi is played on an 8x8 grid. The game begins with four tokens: two light tokens for the first opponent and two dark tokens for the second opponent. The tokens are placed next to each other at the center of the board.

You must place your token so that two of your tokens are on two sides of your opponent's single token or line of tokens. The tokens between your two tokens are then flipped over to your color. Conversely, your opponent flips your tokens to his color in the same manner.

The object of the game, of course, is to end up with more tokens by the time game board is filled up. Reversi, much like chess and go, is a duel of cunning strategy and cold logic. The corners and edges of the board are crucial to the game. You should do your best not to give up these positions.

Get your free copy of Reversi!

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