Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moon Phase: Today's Free App, Plus Book of the Day: The Other Guy's Bride

Before we get to today's excellent free app and book of the day, here's a friendly reminder for you to drop into our Kindle Fire Giveaway page, where you can get your chance to win!

Today's book of the day comes to us from Connie Brockway. This extremely highly rated historical romance takes us on a trip to Egypt, where heroine Ginesse Braxton finds mystery in much more than pyramids. Get this one now for 99 cents!

Name: The Other Guy's Bride
Rating: 4.7 stars over 52  reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Determined to prove her worth as a budding archeologist, Ginesse Braxton vows to solve one of the world's greatest mysteries--to find the location of the lost city of Zerzura. Unfortunately, no man dares take the risk of escorting the resolute young scholar across the open desert. But on her way to Egypt, Ginesse engages in a daring deception--she will switch places with Mildred Whimpelhall, who is traveling to meet her fiancĂ©.

Cynical adventurer Jim Owen will do anything to escape the dark secrets of his troubled past. Betrayed by the woman he loved, scorned by proper society, he agrees to carry out a danger-fraught task: escort Mildred Whimpelhall across a lawless desert to her intended. But Jim is about to learn that "Mildred" isn't exactly what she seems . . . and the dangers they face together are eclipsed only by an even greater peril: falling in love, against all reason, with another guy's bride . . .

Get your copy of The Other Guy's Bride now!

I'm a big fan of apps like the one below. They're great for kids, and even adults could use a refresher now and then. Learn all about the moon with today's free app!

Title: Moon Phase
Rating: 3.5 stars over 37 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: When you open Moon Phase Pro, you see an image of the current moon, big and beautiful. This realistic simulation accurately depicts the phase, and crescent angle, as seen from your location. Near new moon, it even simulates earthshine on the dark side.

The app's main activity also shows key, current information about the moon: its phase percentage and name, the time until the nearest new and full moons, and the moon rise and set times bracketing the present. Everything is there, at a glance.

Finally, this view of the moon is fully interactive. Drag your finger over its surface and the lighted area moves with your touch; stop dragging, and the data fields update to indicate on what day the moon will look like what you see. You also can "spin" the shadow with your phone's trackball/touchpad, or go directly to a date and time of interest by direct entry. You can even change your "observer" location to see what the moon looks like from the other side of the world.

Get your free copy of Moon Phase!

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