Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ice Cream Parlour: Featured App 1/28

In the mood for something sweet? Why not stop by the Ice Cream Parlour and grab yourself a cone? This app, which has been updated for the Kindle Fire, gives you all the flavors and toppings you could want to form the perfect dessert. To double the fun, get your kids together and use this to design an ice cream cone, and then get some supplies together to actually make it! Kids or adults with a sweet tooth are sure to love this app!

Title: Ice Cream Parlour
Rating: 3.9 stars over 16 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Here's an app that will make your mouth water. Build yourself a giant, many-toppinged ice cream cone! Select an ice cream flavor, a sauce (hot fudge, anyone?), special add-ons (such as M&M's), and some whipped cream. Add a cherry on top and you have one heck of a treat on a hot day. Yum!

*Vibrant colors
*Lots of choices for variety
*Insect add-ons for creativity

Reviews: "What a fun way to play with your food! I use to play pretend chef when I was little and this app reminds me of that time, but with that new techno twist. Slide your finger across and make the ice cream of your dreams. No melting or calories to worry about on this app, just pure sweet fun!"

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  1. Ice cream Parlour is a fun, safe and cheerful game for all ages!


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