Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Apps and Books for 1/31

Today we're mixing it up with a few highly rated free books, in addition to some interesting apps. If this is something people want, we can try to work more free books onto the site, maybe even making a page and listing a few choice ones each day. Remember that prices are subject to change at any time, so look before you click!

Paper Football 3D    - Game                                  Cruel Justice - Thriller/Mystery
3.1 stars over 16 reviews                                        4.8 stars over 12 reviews

Worry Bottle  - Social Networking             These Hellish Happenings - Contemporary
4.5 stars over 6 reviews                                        4.2 stars over 19 reviews

Daily Ab Workout  - Exercise                                   Heavenly - Romance
4.6 stars over 15 reviews                                         4.5 stars over 85 reviews


  1. FYI on some new/cool apps you may not know about yet:

    Game: The Lost City by Fire Maple Games (creator of The Secret of Grisly Manor) recently came out! Looks awesome, can't wait to play it.

    Tool: PermissionDog
    Lets you know the permissions your apps are using, which apps are using which permissions, and can monitor apps when downloaded/opened to check for permissions. I've tinkered with this some and think it's really useful, although the descriptions of each permission could use some more details.

  2. Wow, that's really helpful. And The Lost City looks amazing! Many thanks, Rachel!


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