Friday, January 27, 2012

Free and Cheap Kindle Fire Apps for 1/27

Letting you in on a little secret, we've got something exciting planned for tomorrow! It's been a little while since our last giveaway, and it seems right about time to start another one. Make sure to drop by tomorrow to get your chance to win!

A reminder not to miss out on our excellent book of the day, Portal by Imogen Rose!

If you're in the market for a laptop or just want to ogle all of the flashy new designs, you should know that the Newly Released Laptops, Netbooks, and Ultrabooks for 2012 are now available! Lots of discounts and deals there on some amazing devices.
Chess fans or people who want to learn will love having this app on their device. It functions beautifully and is a great way to play if you are the only chess player around. Checkmate!

Name: Chess
Rating: 4.4 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: Tired of playing chess games that look like they were designed for a Commodore 64?

Chess Premium features great-looking chess gameplay for Android-powered devices. It supports both one-player and two-player gameplay - play against friends or test your skills against a challenging computer opponent.

Get stunning graphics, exciting sounds effects, configurable player names, and score tracking. Stay challenged with a configurable AI engine. Undo moves if you move to the wrong square, and get automatic saves for your game.

Get your copy of Chess!

Our first free app is a very cool one that allows you to translate between 50 different languages. Very highly rated and very useful. Check it out!

Name: iTranslate
Rating: 4.8 stars over 18 reviews
Price: 0.00
The popular iPhone translator app, now finally on Android!

By combining voice recognition, machine translation and voice output iTranslate is the first app to make the legendary SciFi dream of a Universal Translator reality.

Over 50 languages - Translate words, phrases and even whole sentences into over 50 languages.

Dictionaries - Now for many languages pairs: Dictionaries with additional translation results, meanings and suggestions!

Get your free copy of iTranslate!

Next up we've got a little fishbowl you can stick in your Fire. Similar to other care-giving games where you need to make sure your fish have everything they need to be happy underneath the sea.

Name: Fish Adventure
Rating: 4.3 stars over 466 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Fish Adventure is pet caring game where you should take care of nature, raise beautiful fishes, and develop undersea world. The game is interactive: tap on a fish or a creature and they will perform interesting actions like puffer fish blowing up. The game also has educational purpose in teaching us to keep our Earth green and take care of sea creatures. Kids will surely like it!

Get your free copy of Fish Adventure!

This last one is an interesting app for moving, backing-up, and storing files on your device and in the cloud. I'm definitely going to have to play around with this one and see what it can do.

Name: SanDisk Memory Zone
Rating: 4.6 stars over 17 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Take control of your memory: On your device, on your card, and in the cloud.

The SanDisk Memory Zone app puts you in complete control. Manage and back up both your local and cloud memory with one free app. Move files back and forth from your memory card to select cloud services, or from the cloud directly to your phone. Cloud services supported: Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, and SugarSync.

Improve the performance of your device in seconds by moving files from your device’s internal memory to your memory card. SanDisk Memory Zone not only allows you to transfer and back up your files, it also allows you to secure them through a password protection feature. So you have the peace of mind knowing your videos, photographs, music and other files are not only available, but they’re available only to you.

Get seamless, integrated storage connectivity between your device, your memory card, and your files in the cloud. Unlike utilities with awkward and difficult to navigate folder structures, SanDisk Memory Zone has an intuitive, graphical user interface that lets you get the job done, fast. Plus, SanDisk Memory Zone allows you to visualize your memory usage by content type and size.

Get your free copy of SanDisk Memory Zone!


  1. Once you've experimented with the memory app, will you give us a bit more info? The cloud is something I haven't quite figured out yet. :-)

  2. Ahh, looking into it it's not too complicated. It works with Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, and SugarSync. Like with Dropbox, if you have an account with them you get so much storage space on their website, and you can access it with this app. It's sort of like email apps that can receive emails from Google and Yahoo. This one gives you access to files that you have stored on any of those sites.


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