Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free and Bargain Apps for 1/4

We've got some great new apps for the Kindle Fire to show off this afternoon, but before we do let me say that the response to our Kindle Fire Giveaway continues to be stellar. We're at about 2,300 entries so far, and more keep coming in. At this point, it's clear that the odds favor someone who goes the extra mile by sharing on different places online, whether they be Facebook, forums, or groups. We appreciate all of your efforts and we're excited to award one of you a Fire!

We've also added a few more additions to our Fire Accessories page, getting into things like MiFi Mobile Hotspots and Portable Storage Drives. Definitely give it a look and see if there's anything you could use there.

There also a great new deal where you can get $5 in FREE MP3's with $50 in Textbooks. That's a good one to take advantage of or pass along to the student in your life.

Another great deal out there: you can get 50% off or More on Disney Video Games. There's a huge selection there that'll make any kid happy.

Now let's get into our featured apps! There isn't a more classic game out there, and now you can get PAC MAN on sale for just a couple bucks. Eating pellets, avoiding ghosts, navigating the maze, this is an easy game to get wrapped up in.

Rating: 3.3 stars over 319 reviews
Price: $2.99 1.99
Description: From his rise in the 80s to his 30th anniversary appearance on Google's homepage, PAC-MAN has been a staple in pop culture for three decades. After all, who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding pesky ghosts, devouring delicious dots, and snacking on sweet fruit? Now PAC-MAN, the world-famous arcade classic, returns in this faithful rendition for Android--with the same spectral chases, quick decisions, and insatiably hungry yellow hero you know and love.

What? You want a story? It's PAC-MAN! Eat all the dots in the maze to move to the next stage while avoiding four ghosts. Eat Power Pellets to temporarily turn the ghosts blue and soften them up for snack time. Swallow them to send their eyes scurrying back to their base. Use their recovery time to snag all the dots in every corner of the maze. Eat the fruits and bonus items that appear for additional points and see how high you can score.

Get your copy of PAC MAN!

This next one is a fun photo augmentation app, and there are lots of rave reviews about it delighting family members and friends. A great app to fool around with!

Name: fwarp
Rating: 4.3 stars over 25 reviews
Price: 0.99
Welcome to a whole new level of face-warping fun! Introducing fwarp, the funniest way to edit photos on your Android device.

Just take (or choose) a picture then use the smudge, bloat, or pucker brushes by dragging them with your finger. Transform yourself or make fun of friends by turning them into funny memes - the only limitation is your twisted imagination.

Save the images to your device or share them via Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

Get your copy of fwarp!

There are few apps out there with this many reviews, and most of them are overwhelmingly positive. Play tons of little games, unlocking more as you beat the first. This one could keep you entertained for quite a while.

Name: 101-in-1 Games
Rating: 4.1 stars over 926 reviews
Price: 0.00
If you like games and lots of variety, you'll love 101 Games in 1. But don't be fooled by the name; you actually get 117 games in this app!

This popular compendium of puzzles, arcade action, racing and sports games, cooking, shooting, sudoku, and more, offers challenges an fun for hours.

There's one catch: when you first install 101 Games in 1, only 10 games are available to play. The rest remain unlocked until you earn enough points to unlock the rest.

Get your free copy of 101-in-1 Games!

Lastly, those looking to find ways to keep better track of their finances will want to check out this app. All it takes it setting up an account at to get access to tons of free tools.

Name: Personal Finance
Rating: 3.7 stars over 21 reviews
Price: 0.00
Mint automatically pulls together your bank and credit card data to provide up-to-date and amazingly accurate views of your finances, from the big picture to specific details. Mint helps you save for that "big thing" you've always wanted by setting goals and budgeting your spending. By notifying you of any abnormal transactions or bank fees, Mint also helps you take control of your financial life.

• See all of your accounts together, from checking and savings to credit cards and retirement

• Mint automatically pulls in and categorizes your transactions daily; no need to enter your own transactions

• Mint can create a budget based on your actual spending, or you can create your own

Get your free copy of Personal Finance

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