Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fire Giveaway Winner and Release of Our Tips and Tricks Guide

Well, the time has come to announce the winner of the Kindle Fire Giveaway we've been running the past couple weeks! We know there are a lot of people who would love to win, and it's unfortunate that we can't give one to everyone, but we hope we can all come together to congratulate our lucky winner.

As the title of the post notes, we also have another exciting announcement for everyone who already does have a Kindle Fire. We're very pleased to present a COMPLETE collection of all of our Tips & Tricks articles in one handy ebook, The Kindle Fire Department Compendium! Now you can access all of our best articles off-line and support our site so that we can continue to bring you the newest information, great deals on apps and books, and even MORE FIRE GIVEAWAYS!

Here's what you get:

Over 30 Articles: on everything from parental controls to sending FREE texts to integrating your Fire with other devices.

Fully-linked Table of Contents: makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Revised, Updated, and More Illustrations: gives you the latest info, clearer step-by-step instructions, and more details.

Exclusive Content: there is some stuff in here that you won't find on the blog.

As one of our earlier reviews says, "If you own the Fire you should own this ebook!" Simply put, at the Kindle Fire Department we tell you how to do things with your Fire that the authors of other guidebooks don't even know about. As always, we appreciate your support and are dedicated to bringing you the most-accurate, most-helpful information possible. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Grab your copy of The Kindle Fire Department Compendium!

Now on to our main event! After receiving over 8,000 entries and countless messages and posts from those of you who wanted the Kindle Fire because of how helpful it would be for yourself or someone you loved, we're very glad the winner was determined by random.org, because we never would've been able to choose a winner by ourselves.

We all got to see how much people enjoyed using this device for games, reading, watching movies, and more. Although we can only give away 1 Fire for now, we hope this'll help convince a few more people to make this device a part of their lives. Whether its for yourself or a loved one, you know how much fun is in store.

Isn't it finally time you got yourself a Kindle Fire?

Ok, enough talk. Let's get down to business. We at the Kindle Fire Department are very pleased to announce the winner of our first Kindle Fire Giveaway! Everyone please put your hands together for...
Congratulations, Ginny! We'll be sending you an email in a couple of hours with notification (because wouldn't it be so much more fun to discover your name here than to find out in an email??). After that you'll have 48 hours to get back to us, or else we'll be picking a new winner. We've already got the Fire all ready to ship out to you!

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in our Kindle Fire giveaway. If you don't have one yet, we hope to see you back here with one of your own, and if you do have one we hope to see you back here for more insights into your device and what you can do with it!


  1. Congratulations Ginny! (If you decide you don't like your new Kindle... call me! LOL! And THANK-YOU KFD for the super helpful "compendium". I love this blog!

  2. Thank you, Grambo! We'll be sure to let her know you can take the Fire off her hands if it's too much of a burden. ;) Thanks for your support!

  3. Way to go Ginny! I know you will enjoy your new Fire.

  4. I have a Prime account but when I click on the link to get Compendium, it isn't recognizing my prime account so it is
    showing a charge of $2.99. I have done this from my PC and then
    actually went to my kindle and clicked on the above link and
    still showing a charge of $2.99 even though I am logged into my
    account on Amazon. Any suggestions?

    Congratulations Ginny by the way!!

  5. Hi Skeat, to get the book from the Prime lending library (remember that you can only get 1 per month), you have to borrow it from on your device. There are some instructions on the Prime Lending Library Help Pages.

  6. The key thing is going into the Kindle Store on your Fire. There's a menu with Browse Books, Browse Kindle Singles, etc, and toward the bottom is an option called "Kindle Owners' Lending Library." Search for the Kindle Fire Department Compendium, tap it, and you should see an option called Borrow for Free right next to the purchase button. Enjoy, and thank you!

  7. I ordered your new book,love all your tips. I have one question for you. I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle 2. The Kindle 2 is about maxed out on book storage. When I go to order it gives me the option of Kindle, Kindle2(which is my Kindle Fire) or Cloud Reader. Can I just save to the Cloud reader to save on storage and it will archive my book there for later moving to my Kindles?

  8. I just bought the new Compendium and had it sent directly to my Fire instead of to my regular Kindle and now I can't find it. Where might it have gone? It shows that I have been charged for it.

  9. LOVE the compendium!! It's a great tool and well worth the price. Way to go, Gadget! AND monster-sized congrats, sprinkled with a touch of envy, to Ginny!! :-)

  10. @Spotscrazy: on the Kindle and Kindle 2 (or Fire for that matter) for can archive your books and they'll all be saved in the cloud. You can see the list in the archive and call them back if you ever want them again.

    @Unknown: you can try syncing your Fire if the book didn't show up right away. If you want it on your other Kindles as well, you can go into your account's Manage Your Kindle screen, see the book, and send it to them using the actions bar on the side.

    Thanks, Shannon!

  11. I am absolutely stunned, amazed and overwhelmed to have won the Kindle Fire in your contest! I am 63 years old and have never won anything in my life. I can't think of a better first time win then this. Even after going to the Fire Department blog and seeing my name in the balloons, I still feel like I'm dreaming. Thank you, Gadget, and thank you to all of my many well wishers ♥.

  12. Congratulations, Ginny! We hope you enjoy it! Thank you for visiting the Kindle Fire Department and entering our giveaway. Hopefully this is the start of a long lucky streak for you. :)

  13. Congrat's Ginny!! I am sure you will Love your new Kindle! What a perfect thing to win for your very first win. YAAAY Ginny!!! Have fun reading!


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