Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cubicle Golf: Today's Free App, Plus BOTD: Night of Wolves

We're very fortunate to be able to bring you a Free book today from epic fantasy author David Dalglish. Sometimes it seems like I can't even open a web browser without seeing something from him, like rave reviews from FantasyBookCritic or Journal of Always. Night of Wolves is the first book in the Paladins trilogy, along with Clash of Faiths and the newly released finale, The Old Ways. If you are a fan of books with non-stop action and have even the slightest interest in fantasy, you'll want to grab this one right away.

Name: Night of Wolves (The Paladins #1)
Rating: 4.3 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: "The humans are weak. Their skin is soft, and their minds dull from years of safety. We are the vicious. We are the destroyers. Come the full moon, when our goddess watches our victory, we will taste of their blood!"

Wolf-men, savage creatures given humanoid form in an ancient war, mass along the Gihon River. Led by their packleader Redclaw, they seek to cross the river and claim a land of their own, slaughtering those that would stand in their way. Two paladins, Jerico of the god Ashhur, and Darius of the god Karak, must helm the desperate defense against the invasion. Their friendship will be tested as their gods resume an unending war, and their very faiths call for the death of the other. Together, friend or foe, they must face Redclaw's horde.

Can faith remain when the gods call for blood?

Reviews: "I fully recommend Night of Wolves. You'll enjoy seeing friends and enemies, old and new, and be intrigued by just how the ungodly mess Jerico and Darius have gotten into will resolve itself. It's an oddity: an edge-of-your-seat fantasy thrill ride and quiet literary piece all rolled into one. "

Get your copy of Night of Wolves (The Paladins #1) now!

Today's free app let's you play the office! Putt your way around chairs and obnoxious coworkers on your way to sweet and everlasting victory. Grab it free today only!

Title: Cubicle Golf
Rating: 2.9 stars over 56 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Golf is a great way to get a break from less important things--like work! But we all know it's a long way from the office to the golf course.

Luckily, there's Cubicle Golf. This fun and challenging game for your Android device provides an easy way to get a few rounds in without leaving your desk.

Cubicle Golf features a full, 18-hole course that will test even the hardiest office golfer's skills. Choose from two control options to suit your playing style. It's easy to track scores at each hole, and you'll even hear fun shot-by-shot commentary as you play.

Build team unity by playing the always-challenging Office Links. Take advantage of your co-workers' strengths as you navigate the course: one colleague wields the driver, another the iron, another the putter, and one possesses the hallowed Secret Weapon.

Get your free copy of Cubicle Golf!

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