Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Sending Documents to the Kindle Fire

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of today's article about sending documents to the Kindle Fire, there's a little bit of news floating around that you might find interesting. It seems that the Fire's success is pushing Apple to make a similarly sized iPad despite Steve Jobs's assertion that "10 inch is the minimum screen size to create great tablet apps." But now reports are coming out that manufacturers are working on a 7.85" iPad to claw back some of the market share that the Fire is taking from Apple. I can't say this is too surprising. Once Amazon showed everyone how popular a tablet this size can be, anyone who can will try to jump into the water.

Sending Documents to Your Fire
This may be a bit of a recap for some of you, but there's a nice article from CNET describing how to email documents to your Fire, which obviously means you can skip plugging the device into your computer.

This method does have its uses, but you need to know which file types function. And those are .doc, .docx, .html, .rtf, .jpeg, .mobi, .azw, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pdf, and .zip.

On your Fire, go to the "Docs" tab and find "Send documents to" listed at the top. Then you're all set up to send attached documents to that email address and have them appear in the Docs section (remember to go to Settings and Sync!). You can send up to 25 files, including .zip files that will automatically unpack before delivery.

The one downside to this is that documents cannot be edited. Also, it still requires you to sit down at your computer and write an email. 

That's why our method of choice is to use WiFi File Explorer Pro, which will allow you to download files on your computer directly from your Fire. One of the best apps out there, it's a steal at only 99 cents.

"If you've ever needed to access a file from your phone (a photo, for example, or a song you like) but don't have a cable to connect the phone to a computer, WiFi File Explorer PRO can make it happen. This Android app allows you to browse, download, and stream information--as well as manage your files--from your phone directly to a computer using a Wi-Fi connection and password-protected Web browser."
Find WiFi File Explorer Pro HERE.

If you are looking for the option to edit your documents, your best bet is to use QuickOffice Pro, which is currently on sale for a nice $5.00 off. This is especially good for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents
It's no surprise that this is one of the most popular apps in the entire Appstore and is commonly bought right along with the Kindle Fire.

  • Take your work with you with this mobile Microsoft Office application
  • Create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go
  • Seamlessly access Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe
  • Open and view PDF documents, including password protected and encrypted files
  • Find QuickOffice Pro HERE!

Stay tuned for more great apps later today!

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