Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Golf'Oid: Today's Free App, Plus Our Book of the Day: The Proving Ground

It's the weekend before the holidays, and shipping days are starting to get scarce. Take advantage of Amazon's Top Holiday Deals before it's too late, and if you're all done your shopping maybe you should get something for yourself as a reward!

You might also be interested to know there's a Flurry of Newly Discounted Apps in the Appstore that are just waiting to get on your Kindle Fire!

Today's addition to the 25 Days of Free Holiday Music is Xmas Lights by Radar Brothers.

Name: Mini Golf'Oid
Rating: 2.8 stars over 13 reviews
Price: 0.00

Description: Have you ever contemplated putting a spin on the standard mini golf experience? How about playing through a maze of water and land, or trying to sink a hole-in-one while the hole is moving? Mini Golf'Oid lets you play a fun and addictive golf game no matter your skill level. Step up the challenge and try out this top-down view golf game.

Start off on the practice course where you'll learn how to control the power and angle of the ball. Your finger is the golf club and controlling the ball is simple. Just tap anywhere on the screen and drag in the direction you're looking to hit the ball. The longer you drag out the arrow, the more power behind your hit. Be careful of the hazards throughout from sand traps, water, and moving targets. Use the colored holes to transport your ball across the course.
Get your free copy of Mini Golf'Oid!

Today's book of the day is a highly rated novel about a sailing race from respected journalist G. Bruce Knecht. Take a look!

Title: The Proving Ground
Rating: 4.4 over 48 reviews
Price: $9.99 0.99
Description:   Coolness under extreme pressure marks not only the subject of Wall Street Journal correspondent Knecht's highly praised book about the ill-fated 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race but also its writing and reading. Knecht, a sailor as well as a journalist, uses good journalism and novelistic flourishes to tell the story of one of the worst disasters in modern yachting history. Of the 115 boats that started under clear skies in Sydney, just 43 would finish. Many sailors lost their lives, while others were rescued by airborne heroics after the fleet had been ripped apart by unforecast winds and 80-foot-high waves. Matching Knecht's cool professionalism, veteran actor Stanley Tucci who has himself played journalists as diverse as Walter Winchell and Joe Mitchell reads the story with a minimum of melodrama, letting the words and deeds of those involved re-create the danger, horror and final triumph of man over nature.
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