Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kung Fu Panda: Free App of the Day, Plus Our Book of the Day: The Basement

A recap of some of the great deals out there right now:

Yesterday's 10 cent apps should still be available until about noon. Here's your last chance to get Age of Zombies, Kids Connect the Dots, and Asphalt 6 for only a dime!

We're up to the 11th day of the 25 Days of Free Holiday Music, featuring Wexford Carol by Michael McDonald.

Amazon's Top Holiday Deals promotion is just beginning, providing a brand new selection of gifts at the lowers possible prices.

Now on to today's free app of the day, a children's storybook based on the movie from Dreamworks!

Name: Kung Fu Panda Holiday
Rating: 3.9 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Young Po the Panda is very excited when Master Shifu chooses him to be the host of the Winter Feast--until he finds out that he can't bring his father along. What should Po do? Kids are sure to be entertained by the beautiful imagery and funny story of "Kung Fu Panda Holiday," an iStoryTime e-book based on the movie of the same name.

Children and adults alike will relate to Po's situation as he deals with his dilemma. Po has always spent the holidays with his dad, but no outside guests are allowed at the Winter Festival. How Po handles this conflict contains a valuable lesson that kids can learn from.
Get your free copy of Kung Fu Panda Holiday!

Today's book of the day is an thriller that should have you gnawing on your fingernails. Take a look!

Title: The Basement
Rating: 3.9 over 65 reviews
Price: $13.99 0.99
Description:  New York is a city full of strangers. For NYPD detectives Turner and Marcinko, none are harder to figure out than the serial killer on the loose torturing and killing young women. In fact, right now, somewhere in the city, a woman is being held captive in a basement and it is up to the detectives to find her and the killer—before it’s too late.

As pressure mounts on Turner and Marcinko, their prime suspect is screenwriter wannabe Marvin Waller. He is becoming increasingly frustrated by his lack of success and the cops think he might be channeling his anger into murder—but he doesn’t seem to be at all concerned that they are hot on his trail. As Turner and Marcinko close in on Waller they have to wonder: is he the killer? And if he isn’t—who is?

Fusing shifting viewpoints with a growing sense of dread and almost unbearable suspense, the UK’s thriller master Stephen Leather arrives on the shores of the United States with The Basement, his most terrifying work to date.
Get The Basement!

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