Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kindle Fire Accessories: Skins, Carrying Cases, and Bags

Our discussion yesterday about covers for the Kindle Fire made it clear that people were interested in far more than just something to wrap over the exterior. There's really a lot out there, and in this post we're going to dig a little deeper and get into the variety of goods available and how they can help you individualize your Fire. Of course, you can check back and see our recommended covers here. Although we won't really be getting into it in this post, there are also plenty of Designer Sleeves to check out.

For more great deals, don't miss the entire page of Discounted Kindle Fire Covers.

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skins
If you're looking for a beautiful design that'll elicit gasps from your friends and make it so you can spot your own Fire in a heartbeat, Decalgirl Skins are the way to go. Though they don't offer much in the way of protection, they are thin enough that they *should even fit under a cover. Gorgeous images, quality material, and a relatively inexpensive price make these very appealing for anyone interested in customizing their Fire. We'll show off a few of our favorites, but you can find all of their designs HERE.

Kindle Fire Carrying Cases
Fire covers are nice, and they do a lot to help keep your device safe and sound, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might want something a little different. If you're looking for pockets to store headphones, cards, cords, or other things, a Carrying Case might be the way to go. These are made specifically for the Fire and at the moment they are on sale for about 40-50% off!

Kindle Fire Case Bag
Finally, for those who are looking for maximum space because they have multiple devices, papers, or other things to carry with them, a Case Bag might be the best option. This one from USA Gear features great reviews, top-of the line materials, and a sweet sale price of 44% off for only $19.99. This could very well be the deal of the day, and the price won't stay that low for long. Also note that the USA Gear Carrying Case Bag will work for any Kindle.

Stay tuned for more great apps later this afternoon!

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