Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Party: Amazon's Santa App, Kindle Fire for $99, and Free Holiday Music!

As I mentioned this morning, the holidays are in full swing now, and that means there are some really great opportunities floating around that Kindle Fire users can really take advantage of. Beyond the constantly updated Cyber Week Deals, there are a few ways to set yourself up very nicely for the holidays. Let's check some of them out.

Amazon's Santa App
Just released today, Amazon's Santa App is the perfect way to create, organize, and share wishlists. Especially good at helping kids pick out the Toys they want, it also allows them to send their lists to Santa while giving some parental controls on what they can browse for and who can see the lists. For assistance installing or using this app, check out the Santa App Help FAQ. Also, it's free!

Simply download Amazon Santa, sign in with your Amazon account, and start browsing our wide selection of family-friendly books, toys, games, movies, music, and video games. With just a little help, your kids can select gift items they really want from Santa and put together a Christmas Wish List that you can easily and safely share with others. Your friends and family will love knowing they've selected a gift your child really wants, and you'll love worrying less about duplicate gifts. The Santa App is optimized for the new Kindle Fire.

How to Get a Kindle Fire for $99

If $199 was enough to get people's mouths watering about the Fire, imagine what 50% off of that would do. As it turns out, getting a Kindle Fire for $99 is actually what you can get if you join the new Audible Listener Program [details]. Audible is, of course, Amazon's service providing audiobooks, and Audible's AudibleListener Gold plan is for 12 months at $14.95/month. If you're interested in trying out audiobooks anyway or already use them, this could be a very appealing option. Even if you already have your Fire, there's a whole range of things you can get $100 off on. Here's the entire list of eligible products. Half price would make it really easy to give a Fire for the holidays, wouldn't it? To find out more, click here.

Free Holiday Music

Every day for the next 25 days, Amazon will feature a Free Holiday Song from its MP3 Store! Each song can be downloaded for free only on the day that it's featured so it might be a good idea to bookmark this link to check back easily. I've listened and can say that today's song is a very pretty one. It's Ave Maria by Celtic Woman.

Some exciting stuff there, right? That oughta keep you busy for a while! But check back later as we get into some holiday apps!

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