Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Shopper Pro: Today's Free App, Plus Our Book of the Day: Graceling

The response to yesterday's software update for the Kindle Fire has been overwhelmingly positive (still missing 6.2.1? Grab it HERE). It may not have given us everything we want, and I'm sure there are more updates in the works, but it's a solid step in the right direction. It may have even inspired a few people to take advantage of the great offer available for FREE 2-Day Shipping on any Kindle, which lasts until 8pm EST tonight! If you've been hoping for a price cut on the Fire, that's the best you're going to get.

Continuing with the 25 Days of Free Holiday Music, today we have "This I have Done for My One True Love" by Chanticleer.

If you're still shopping, today's free app could be great for you, and don't forget about Amazon's Top Holiday Deals. Our discounted book of the day today, Graceling, is wildly popular and highly recommended.

Name: Gift Shopper Pro
Rating: 4.2 stars over 42 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: 'Tis better to give than receive--and 'tis better to tackle your holiday shopping with Gift Shopper Pro than without. Track everyone on your Naughty and Nice lists and make sure you don't leave anybody out with this helpful app for your Android device.

Shopping for presents can be a chaotic process, especially during the holidays, but Gift Shopper Pro is here to help ease the insanity. With this app you can create detailed, customized shopping lists that take the pain and disorganization out of gift giving.
Get your free copy of Gift Shopper Pro!

Today's book of the day, Graceling, is a mammoth in the young adult genre. This fantasy romance remains hugely popular and for 99 cents there's never been a better time to see what everyone has been raving about. As far as these Kindle Daily Deals go, this is one of the best picks you're likely to find.

Title: Graceling
Rating: 4.3 over 463 reviews
Price: $9.99 0.99
Description:  In this debut fantasy novel, Cashore treats readers to compelling and eminently likable characters and a story that draws them in from the first paragraph. In Katsa's world, the "Graced," those gifted in a particular way, are marked by eyes that are different colors. Katsa's Grace is that she is a gifted fighter, and, as such, she is virtually invincible. She is in the service of her tyrannical uncle, king of one of the seven kingdoms, and she is forced to torture people for infractions against him. She has secretly formed the Council, which acts in the service of justice and fairness for those who have been accused and abused. Readers meet her as she is rescuing the father of the Lienid king, who has been abducted. The reasons for his capture are part of a tightening plot that Katsa unravels and resolves, with the help of Prince Po, the captive's grandson. He has his own particular Grace, and he becomes Katsa's lover and partner in what becomes a mortally dangerous mission. Cashore's style is exemplary: while each detail helps to paint a picture, the description is always in the service of the story, always helping readers to a greater understanding of what is happening and why. This is gorgeous storytelling: exciting, stirring, and accessible. Fantasy and romance readers will be thrilled
Get Graceling!

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