Monday, December 19, 2011

Discount Roundup for the Last Free-Shipping Day

For those who do their holiday shopping on Amazon, the time left for ordering items and having them arrive in time for Christmas is rapidly drawing to a close. In fact, the last day to order items in time with Amazon's free super-saver shipping is today!

In this post we'll recap all of the best deals out there, so that you'll be able to hit the finish line of this year's holiday shopping season as quickly and easily as possible, while putting the least strain on your wallet. Then you'll be able to coast through the rest of the week, anxiously anticipate family members coming through the door, and secretly smirk to yourself about what they're in for when the open up all the great stuff you got them.

Getting a Kindle Fire for $99
By far the best opportunity to wrap a Kindle Fire and give it to a loved one (while also getting something nice for yourself), is the promotion for joining the Audible Listeners Program for audiobooks. You'll get a healthy $100 credit that can go toward the Fire or any of a huge selection of devices. If you're an audiobook fan, taking advantage of this promotion will allow you to give this holiday season's hottest gift for a full 50% off. Get the details here!
Checking Out Amazon's Gold Box and Lightning Deals
If you're looking for the most discounted items in the entire store, you'll want to pay a visit to the Gold Box for  unbeatable deals. At the moment you can get a VIZIO 32" HD Flat Screen TV for $160 off!. Those incredible deals don't last long, so if you see something a loved one might like, don't wait!

There are great deals on items in every single department, from Kindle Books to Movies, from Electronics to Toys. If you're looking for something, odds are it's going to be discounted, and you can easily navigate to whatever department you're looking for by visiting the main Top Holiday Deals page and using the categories to the left.

Amazon Gift Cards
If you don't know what to get someone, make sure you get them exactly what they want by handing them an Amazon Gift Card. You'll be giving them their choice of literally millions of products, and you know they'll be at the best possible prices. There's actually a special promotion going on where you can get Gift Card in a special gift box with free 1-day shipping! Snazzy!

And if you still need a little time to put together a wishlist with a little one, don't forget about the free Amazon Santa App. This app will help you put one together as well as share it with family members to make sure you don't all end up buying the same thing for someone.

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