Friday, December 9, 2011

Deleting Apps From the Kindle Fire

Up until now, if you got an app on your Kindle Fire that you later decided you didn't want, the only thing you could do was whisk it off to the cloud. It would still be there though, ready to come back into your life at any time. But what if you wanted to get rid of an app completely?

Amazon is now introducing a way to do that.

Remember that deleting an app completely using this method will mean that you'll have to re-purchase it if you ever want it again. It's also possible to delete some of the pre-installed apps this way, although because the feature is still being rolled out the proper button may not appear. Hitting refresh, trying a different browser, or checking again a day later should give you an opportunity to get rid of unwanted apps if you can't do so immediately.

I'll also say that this will help people clear up apps that are stuck in the middle of downloading to the Fire. Apps that don't finish downloading can occur on any device, but now we can wipe them out and be done with the annoyance.

Ok, let's get to it! Deleting apps is very similar to deleting Kindle books.

First, go to the Amazon Appstore Here.

To the right of the top bar you'll see a link for "Your Apps & Devices." Click it and sign in, if necessary.

Here you'll find a list of the apps on your device. Find the app you'd like to delete, go to the "Actions" button on the far right side, and go to the button option, which is "Delete This App."

Voila! Like I said, the ability to delete apps is new, so try again later if it doesn't work immediately, but that's how you will be deleting them. And remember that getting an app you delete back will mean you have to repurchase the app. This should even work on those pre-installed apps!

Let's close with a couple great, free organizational apps.

Gemini App Manager                            WiFi Analyzer

Stay tuned for more 10 cent app discounts later today!

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