Monday, December 12, 2011

Corona Indie Bundle and Mudbound: Free App and Book of the Day (12/12)

I have to say that I'm continuously getting stories about how people love their Kindle Fire, but it seems like there are some people in the media who are determined to find something to cry foul about. A yahoo article about kids charging for purchases is circulating, which is actually kind of silly considering our article full of ways to prevent unintentional purchases yesterday. If only they stopped here before they wrote it, they'd know!

But moving on to today's goodies, let's start with today's addition to the 25 Free Days of Holiday Music, which is Emmanuel by Laura Story.

A number of yesterday's 10 cent apps are still available (usually until about noon). Check out Jenga, SimCity, Just Me and My Mom, and Backbreaker Football before the prices go back!

Then there are all of today's Top Holiday Deals, especially the incredible bargains on Toys&Games and Home Improvement.

Today's free app is a really neat bundle that contains a number of popular games including The Secret of Grisly Manor! This is a great opportunity to pick up that game for free.

Name: Corona Indie Bundle
Rating: 3.9 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Used to getting just one game per mobile app? How would you like to get five different games in one package? It sounds too good to be true, but that's exactly what you are purchasing with this game bundle--five separate, complete games in one app: Grisly Manor, Robot 99, Walkabout, Chickens Quest, and Float.

Get your free copy of Corona Indie Bundle!

Today's book of the day is a highly acclaimed piece of historical fiction that should be gripping and intriguing. Take a look!

Title: Mudbound
Rating: 4.5 over 186 reviews
Price: $13.95 0.99
Description:  In 1946, Laura McAllan, a college-educated Memphis schoolteacher, becomes a reluctant farmer's wife when her husband, Henry, buys a farm on the Mississippi Delta, a farm she aptly nicknames Mudbound. Laura has difficulty adjusting to life without electricity, indoor plumbing, readily accessible medical care for her two children and, worst of all, life with her live-in misogynous, racist, father-in-law. Her days become easier after Florence, the wife of Hap Jackson, one of their black tenants, becomes more important to Laura as companion than as hired help. Catastrophe is inevitable when two young WWII veterans, Henry's brother, Jamie, and the Jacksons' son, Ronsel, arrive, both battling nightmares from horrors they've seen, and both unable to bow to Mississippi rules after eye-opening years in Europe. Jordan convincingly inhabits each of her narrators, though some descriptive passages can be overly florid, and the denouement is a bit maudlin. But these are minor blemishes on a superbly rendered depiction of the fury and terror wrought by racism.
Get Mudbound!

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