Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chicken Coup, Christmas Is Murder, and 10 Cent Apps!

Now we're pushing on into the middle of December. The holidays are looming over us, and we may be feeling the pressure of making travel arrangements or shopping plans. Some people may be twitching with anticipation over getting a new Kindle Fire. But if you need to relax, why not check out the 25 Days of Free Holiday Music and today's song, which is The Lights and Buzz by Jack's Mannequin.

There are also some special Instant Video Deals today on X-Men: First Class, Thor, and other great movies.

And you can help keep your feet warm in the cold snow with today's special Holiday Flurry Deals on Footwear.

Now onto today's free app and book of the day!

Name: Chicken Coup Remix HD
Rating: 3.4 stars over 24 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Test your reaction time and eye-hand coordination by grabbing the frenzied fowls from the foxes. Build up your chicken power by yanking panicked pullets back to their coops. Make those foxes drop their intended victims by dragging the mangy varmints into the barn. Create chicken chains by sliding your finger across like-colored birds. Score massive multipliers for every chain you bring home to roost. This score multiplier will make the next chicken you save worth that many more points. And if too many foxes are getting away with chickens, you can unleash a doomsday chicken bomb to clear the screen as a last resort.
Get your free copy of Chicken Coup Remix HD!

Today's book of the day is an exciting mystery with a holiday twist. Take a look!

Title: Christmas Is Murder
Rating: 4.2 over 29 reviews
Price: $13.99 1.99
Booklist Review:  The first installment in this new mystery series is a winner. The amateur detective is Rex Graves, a Scottish barrister, fond of Sudoku puzzles and Latin quotations. In an old-fashioned conceit, Challinor begins with a cast of characters, along with hints of possible motives for each. Although set firmly in the present, with numerous references to the Iraq War, his tale reads like a classic country-house mystery. Rex and the others are snowed in at the Swanmere Manor hotel in East Sussex, England. Being the last to arrive (on two tennis rackets lashed to his feet à la snowshoes), Rex immediately hears of the unexpected demise of one of the other guests. Even though they are in touch with the outside world, the authorities instruct the hotel staff to keep the body in a cool room with the windows open. By the time the police arrive days later, additional bodies have piled up and motives are rampant, but Rex has identified the murderer. At times, it seems we are playing Clue or perhaps enjoying a contemporary retelling of a classic Agatha Christie tale (And Then There Were None, or At Bertram’s Hotel) with a charming new sleuth. A must for cozy fans.
Get Christmas Is Murder!

A few of yesterday's 10 cent discounted apps are still available this morning. Now that we're getting the handle on this price matching thing, we can guess that these will be available until about midday, and then they'll be back to regular price. Whether there'll be more is anybody's guess. Grab them while you can!

Jelly Defense                                     Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Farm Frenzy                                   Baseball Superstars 2011

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