Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Covers for the Kindle Fire!

Even though the Kindle Fire has been out for a while now, we wanted to wait to make our picks for the best covers until we got as much information as possible. We wanted to see how people used the device, who was using it, and what kind of protection they needed, and we've come to a few conclusions about what most people are looking for.

The ideal Kindle Fire case is sturdy and strong without adding too much thickness or weight to the device. A built-in stand is a welcome addition, and it's best if it can stand in both landscape and portrait mode. Some need the Fire to be kid-safe, while others are in the market for something with a bit of a business-like flare. Design preferences are obviously highly individualized, making multiple colors and patterns a plus. Keeping all of this in mind, as well as the need for a low price, we're ready to make the case for our favorites.

For a complete list of all of the discounted Fire cases on Amazon, Click Here!

The rooCase Executive Portfolio
If there's one case out there with the most versatility and value, it's got to be the rooCase Executive Portfolio. A snug fit, built-in stand, and pockets for cards, papers, and more make this perfect for anyone who always keeps the Fire close at hand. Why, it could almost replace your wallet or purse. With reviews that are almost universally good, this case is built to last, and then the icing on the cake is that it's temporarily on sale for 55% off! They also have a similar case in red too. All told, this is our case of choice.

The Lightweight Microshell by Marware
For those with kids or slippery fingers in general, our pick is the Lightweight Microshell. Its sleek, thin design but strong build will allow your Fire to stand up to quite a bit of abuse. Equipped with protective straps, clips, and rubberized exterior, this case will give you plenty peace of mind concerning your fragile electronic device. A nice 25% discount adds to the appeal.

The Acase Micro Fiber Leather Case
Bargain hunters out there will be very impressed with this Acase Premium Leather Case, which is currently on sale for a staggering 72% off at $16.97, and can also be found in Red and Brown. With strong reviews, this case boasts a 3-month warranty, light weight, and ability to function as a stand. For the money, it's a great value and better than going around with a naked Kindle Fire!

Honorable mention goes to the AYL Frameless Leather Case, which is also on sale for a full 73% off. Simply put, if you're in the market for a case, it's not hard to find a good one. The ones listed here will get the job done, not to mention look good doing it.

Already have a case? Let us know which one you have and how you like it! And stay tuned for some great apps later this afternoon!


  1. I actually have the Lightweight Microshell by Marware and I like it. However, now that I have been using the Kindle I was thinking that I might like something that is more of a carrying case. Not too big, but big enough to slip the kindle with it's cover, the power cord, usb cord, head phones and a pair of glasses in. I can slip that into my back pack, and it would have everything I need in it.

  2. That's a really good idea, Doreenc. Maybe we should do something on carrying cases as well. It looks like there are some really good ones out there, like this one, which even includes a car charger:

  3. I also have the Marware Microshell. The only thing I wish was different was a place to put the stylus I bought (my finger gets tired after awhile, and the stylus helps me avoid fingerprints on the screen).

  4. That's a good point, Marie. If only there was a handy little loop for a stylus.

  5. Check out thirty-one gifts catalog all in one organizer...perfect!

  6. i have the Marware Leather Cover: -- it's very secure within the case it has 6 little nubbies that hold it in.. i wish it was easier to flip to stand it like it shows in the picture.. you have to remove it from 2 of the nubbies and the more i use it the easier it gets.. so i guess it'll get perfect in time..

    the hand strap in the back is a little tight.. my rings are always getting caught in it..if it was a little looser it'd be better..

    Otherwise i'm very happy with my purchase...


    I also got a skin -- it looks unique.. it looks pretty.. but doesn't provide any real protection..

  7. We purchased the M-EDGE cover for the K-Fire on Black Friday for $19.00 regular is $29.00 I love the magnetic cover, no straps to worry about stretching out later and needing a new case. The case slips into a 3 sided holder and the cover folds and holds magnetically or lies flat making a nice hands free viewing angle. M-EDGE has been making cases for iPad for a long time, no way to go wrong there!

  8. I just wish the cases were more funky to match my personality. I ended up ordering this cute Vangoddy leopard print case:

    I also really fell in love with this unique design on Esty, but didn't think I could succumb to a $60 purchase just yet:[0]=tags&ga_search_query=kindle+fire+cover&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=

    Perhaps a blog on the spiffy, different, and all around "fun" covers could be a future installment. With a link back to today's very sound discussion of practical and affordable finds. :o)

  9. I have a Roo case and it is leaving lines on my screen not a happy camper

  10. Not a bad idea, Soul Studio. I realize there are lots of people who make cases on Etsy, and there are colorful Kindle skins and things like that. Lots of great stuff out there.

    @pegbrown, that's really weird. I wonder why none of the reviews or anything mentioned that. I wonder if contacting the company would give you a helpful fix, because it definitely shouldn't do that.

  11. I have the Marware shell cover in white and like it a lot. It's sturdy and attractive. However, the built in foldable stand doesn't do the job of holding the KFire vertically. I want to purchase a sturday stand for it - any recommendations? I would also love a carrying case! Am using an old fanny pack for the time being.

  12. Hi Iris, I think for a stand, something like this would work: Two Wire Display Stand Set

  13. When I was shopping for a case, I was looking for something that was relatively inexpensive, but also had a stand that worked in both Landscape and Portrait mode. I found this one from Poetic:

    I have been very happy with it. It is very easy to switch between Landscape and Portrait stand mode. It also has a strap that can be used to hold the case open and to slide your hand under to "hold" the Fire. Highly recommended case.

  14. Thanks for letting us know, hirmenator. That does look like a good one, and the reviews are strong as well! Poetic (TM) 360 degree Rotary Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Fire (Landscape / Portrait View) Black


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