Friday, December 23, 2011

Amazon Introduces New Best of Digital and Digital Deals Page

Because of the Kindle Fire, more people than ever will be searching for great Kindle books, downloadable music, apps from the Appstore, and Instant Video. Now there's a place on Amazon where you can find info about them all in one centralized location. The Kindle Fire Department will continue to bring you the best deals, news, and info about apps, books, and the device, but these pages will be helpful as well.

Before we get into it, I've got to give another mention to today's Free App: A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's an incredible deal, and remember that you can secure your free copy before you get your Fire by putting your email in the bar where the Buy button usually is. You'll get an email with a link that you'll open from your Fire to download the app. Don't miss out!

A quick Tips & Tricks Tidbit I learned on twitter from @moosebegab @PeggySueCusses: apps can be shared on multiple Kindle Fires if you have them on the same account. I'm sure all you'd have to do is go into Your Apps and Devices in the Appstore and click "Send to..." on the item you want duplicated. Good to know, right?

Ok, on to these new pages!

Best of Digital in 2011
If you want to find out what ranked as the top rated media for books, apps, games, music, and more, visiting Amazon's new Best of Digital page. Featuring easy navigation and snappy banners like the one below, this page will tell you exactly what's been hot this past year.
All of the best deals for the Fire can now be found in one centralized location, Amazon's new Digital Deals page. Here you'll be able to quickly scroll through discounted apps, albums, games, and software. Very handy for those looking to save a little money, but you'll notice that the Free App of the Day isn't listed. Fortunately we've got you covered for that.
If you're giving someone a Fire this holiday season, you may want to set them up with one of Amazon's new Digital Entertainment Gift Cards, which are specifically for "MP3 music, movies and TV shows, Kindle books, or games and apps for Android" and are good for literally millions of items in the store. You'll be giving them exactly what they want to make their Fire something they fall in love with. There is a variety of great delivery methods too!


  1. Hi! @PeggySueCusses here! If you have 2 Kindle Fires registered to the same Amazon account, once you download a free or purchased app on one Fire,it shows up in the second Fires CLOUD about 30 minutes later and can be downloaded to that Fire if you want it. If one Fire downloads a book it shows up on the second Fires carousel and can be deleted or kept on the second device. It is handy to only have to buy an app once and be able to have it on both devices.

    BTW, Love the blog. I have been reading I since I decided to buy the Fires for my kids. Another friend on Twitter gave me a head's up on your blog.

  2. That's very helpful, Peggy. Thanks for filling in the details. We're all about sharing our information to make sure everyone gets the best use of their device possible, so thanks for your contribution. Glad to have you with us!

  3. Just FYI, you can not "get" any apps unless you have some type of android device registered to your Amazon account. That email they send you is only for the "app download" app, not the free app of the day.

  4. That's a good point, Kris. It's sort of a placeholder. Once you get your device you can then download all the apps that you entered your email address for.

    I've also heard that there's a way to get the actual app files by using something called a bluestacks player, which is a simulated android device. I haven't looked into that too much though.


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