Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Cent Apps for 12/14 Including ezPDF Reader

These ten cent apps for the Kindle Fire have really been the gift that keeps on giving. We've already seen a number of great games (and more below), but now we're starting to see some really useful apps like ezPDF Reader that should be on everyone's device. It's no stretch of the imagination to say that this is the best app for reading PDF's out there, and it's exciting to see the price slashed to only 10 cents.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the discounts available. For more, check out the Top Holiday Deals listing of Discounted Apps as well as the Most Popular Gifts.

Now, on to some great apps!

Name: ezPDF Reader
Price: $2.99 0.10
Description: Get convenient, hassle-free PDFs directly to your Android device with ezPDF Reader. A must-have mobile PDF viewer, ezPDF Reader is designed specifically for PDF documents. Clearly presented without the fluff, documents appear as they would on your PC, but customized to fit your mobile device's screen. Fully featured and one of the best-rated PDF viewers out there, ezPDF Reader is updated regularly in order to add new features or to improve upon existing ones.
Get ezPDF Reader!

Name: Collapse!
Price: $0.99 0.10
Description: Real Networks brings their flagship PC game Collapse! to Android. Collapse! is a graphic-intensive, updated take on block-clearing games. The game challenges you to clear out blocks out as rapidly and accurately as you can. Embark on an epic quest to save the realm from villainous characters. Travel through five lands, earning gold stars and the coins needed to purchase crucial power-ups. Unlock secret locations for more adventure. Or to play a casual game, select Quick Game and choose from seven game modes.
Get Collapse!

Name: Deer Hunter 3D
Price: $4.99 0.10
Description: Welcome to the most realistic hunting simulation game on mobile. Set your sights on deer, moose, bears, and other prey that have true-to-life senses and behaviors. Hunt in scenic 3D environments around the world, featuring changing seasons and weather conditions. Unlock new weapons, skills, and hunts by bagging the biggest kills.

Name: Guns'n'Glory
Price: $0.99 0.10
Description: Become a stone-cold outlaw. Choose from Deadwood-era Dakota, Wyatt Earpp's New Mexico, or frontier Mississippi, Nevada, or Oregon locales for your evil doings. Ride into a dusty outpost and hire your own gang of riflemen, rustlers, braves, and bandits. Stake out the high ground and look for some juicy trains and stagecoaches to raid. The next time a group of unwitting pilgrims come along, spring your ambush with rifles, shotguns, and dynamite.
Get Guns'n'Glory!

Name: Zenonia
Price: $0.99 0.10
Description: Where can you fight dragons and demons, converse with princesses, and explore medieval worlds simultaneously? Zenonia--Gamevil's real-time combat and exploration game--that's where. Awarded Best Adventure/RPG Game from The Pocket Gamer Awards 2010, Zenonia follows Regret, the game's protagonist, while he attempts to uncover the circumstances surrounding his adoptive father's death at the hands of a demon. Your job is to ensure Regret finds the information he's looking for while looking out for his well-being and overall health. With upwards of 40 hours of gameplay, Zenonia's epic storytelling is bound to lock you in and keep you entertained.
Get Zenonia!

Name: MX Moto
Price: $1.99 0.10
Description: Motocross has just gone mobile with MX Moto from Camel Games. Hop on your dirt bike to take on the wildest courses you'll ever zoom down. Good thing you're wearing a helmet and leathers—you're going to need them!
First, choose from the twelve courses you wish to race down. Swipe across the track to behold some seriously gnarly hills and inexplicably flexible surfaces that will put your motocross skills to the test. You can also choose to motor down one long course in Rally mode.
Get MX Moto!

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