Monday, November 14, 2011

QuickOffice Pro: Today's Free App of the Day (11/14)

Now that we're one day away from the official release of the Kindle Fire, we'll be getting into our normal posting schedule. This is what you can expect to see on any given day:

Morning: Free App of the Day
Midday: News, Tips, Info
Afternoon: Free/Cheap Apps

Let's get to the main event, today's free app!

Name: QuickOffice Pro (for Honeycomb Tablets)
Rating: 2.0 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 0.00 ($19.99 off)
Description: Quickoffice Pro lets you get work done on the road by allowing easy access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint wherever you take your mobile. This app also provides you with a convenient PDF viewer so you can keep your important documents with you at all times. View document footnotes and endnotes in Word. Use the text-to-speech voice input and text recital option for an alternative way to word-process your documents. Get the most out of your Android tablet with this award-winning productivity suite.

Analysis: Getting this app for free is a huge bargain that should not be passed up. Access documents, make changes, and get creative all on the go using common Microsoft programs. A couple of things to keep in mind though. This version is specifically for tablets. There's another one for phones here. There are many more reviews on that other one, which should give you a better idea of what the app's about.

Get your free copy of QuickOffice Pro (for tablets)!

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