Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Week Until Kindle Fire Time!

The days are ticking away, and our excitement about the release of the Kindle Fire is steadily rising. With a week to go until the official release (and then hopefully an extremely speedy delivery time), let's take a look at some of the TV commercials Amazon made to promote their device.

First off, I think we can all relate to this one. Finding Amazon packages at your doorstep is probably one of the best things that can happen in life!

Then there's this nice little number discussing more of the brand and the relationship of the Fire to the other Kindle models using a Voltaire quotation. A classy commercial steeped in mystique.
And then lastly there's a 90-second spot getting into more of the device's features, including the cloud storage system, the various content it can display, and the size and specs.

Doesn't it look great? We can't wait to start getting into the nuts and bolts of how the device works as well as highlighting the best apps, games, and tools you can get your hands on for cheap. Speaking of which, here's the Free App of the Day!

Name: 3D Bio Ball HD
Rating: 3.8 stars over 44 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Everyone at one time or another has probably played a real or virtual version of the game Labyrinth, in which you guide your ball through a maze full of obstacles and holes to reach safety. 3D Bio Ball HD for Android is Labyrinth--on steroids. This game will bowl you over with its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay.

Analysis: A classic puzzle game with graphics that could almost pass for a console game on some systems, 3D Bio Ball has plenty to keep you busy. From the reviews, it sounds like there's a pinball element depending on tilting the game. Looks good!

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