Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kindle Fire Software Update 6.2 and App Maintenance

Noticing a little extra zip in your Kindle Fire today? It's probably the result of an update to software version 6.2 [manual download here], which is reportedly helping out with the general speed of the device as well as page turns and things like that. FYI: The size of the update download is 181MB, so it may take a minute to download and a little bit of juice.

Odds are you may have not even noticed that it downloaded, and if you're not sure you can find out what version you're running by tapping "Quick Setting," then "More," then "Device," which shows "Current Version:"

Checking App Updates
One nice addition we're very pleased to see is the ability to check for app updates. In case you're new to apps, app developers routinely modify, improve, or add to apps even after you've bought them. They can add levels to games, functions to tools, or fix problems that people have been having. Getting the latest version of apps is always a good idea.

How to check for app updates: Select "Apps," then "Store," then "menu" at the bottom. On the left, you'll find "My Apps," which will be highlighted if you have updates available.

Low App Space Warning
Some people are getting messages warning them of low app space when they've only got less than 25 apps. Considering some people have literally hundreds of apps on their Fires (as it should be), it's clear that this message is in error and may prevent you from downloading more apps. We're actually hoping this latest software update took care of this, but in case you do find it, a bit of fiddling with your files may be the answer. Try freeing up some space by clearing off large video files or deleting a few free apps, restarting the device, and then downloading them again. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact Amazon customer service.

Here are a couple of FREE apps to help you manage your device!

Badass Battery Monitor                   Gemini App Manager

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