Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free App of the Day Plus Top Apps of the Week

Rolling through this post-holiday weekend, maybe you're feeling like you've had so much stuffing you're ready to be cooked, or maybe you've managed to burn off all those calories with some intense shopping, but today's featured apps certainly won't do much to lighten your wallet. Check out the free app of the day, our top apps of the week, and stay tuned for an article about whether you need an anti-virus app on your Kindle Fire for this afternoon!

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Name: Tiki Golf 2
Rating: 3.4 stars over 20 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Get ready to hit the minigolf greens with Tiki Bobby, the larger-than-life Tiki figure with a green eye mask, large toothy grin (or is it a grimace?), and a blazing red headdress. It's obvious that this guy means (golf) business and he's brought some friends along so there are more playable Tikis.

Analysis: A minigolf game that's sure to be good for some easy entertainment, Tiki Golf 2 boast a huge number of levels, quality graphics, and plenty of extreme obstacles. A good one to try out.
Get your free copy of Tiki Golf 2!

Here are the Top 3 Apps of the Week!

Name: Plants Vs. Zombies
Rating: 4.1 stars over 40 reviews
Price: $2.99 1.49
Description: Get ready to soil your plants! The hit PopCap® game comes to Android at last. Forget shotguns, flamethrowers, and cricket bats. A well-tended garden is your best defense against a rampaging horde of undead. Keep the zombies at bay with an array of deadly plants and well-aimed lawnmowers. With Plants vs. Zombies, the fun never dies!

Get your copy of Plants Vs. Zombies!

Name: WiFi File Explorer Pro
Rating: 4.4 stars over 202 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: If you've ever needed to access a file from your phone (a photo, for example, or a song you like) but don't have a cable to connect the phone to a computer, WiFi File Explorer PRO can make it happen. This Android app allows you to browse, download, and stream information--as well as manage your files--from your phone directly to a computer using a Wi-Fi connection and password-protected Web browser.

Analysis: This is one of those apps that makes your jaw drop with what it can do. Put away all the cords and use this handy little app to access files on your computer, phone, or anything with a wifi signal. Once you start using this app, going without it will make you feel like you're in the Stone Age. *Highly Recommended*
Get WiFi File Explorer Pro!

Name: Angry Birds
Rating: 4.1 stars over 40 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: The pigs are hungry and eggs are on the menu; the survival of a flock of friendly, colorful birds is threatened. When the greedy green swine raid the flock's nest, the unexpected happens: a rage is kindled within the birds that only revenge can quench!

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