Friday, November 4, 2011

Amazon Prime and the New Kindle Lending Library

Just when you think there won't be any new news to talk about, Amazon goes ahead and does something crazy to make their products and services even more appealing.

This is about Amazon Prime, Amazon's $79-a-year free shipping service that also doubles as a video streaming center to compete with the likes of Netflix. Let's also remember that all Kindle Fire owners will get a free month-long trial of this. They just announced a new Kindle Lending Library that'll allow users to borrow a book for free for as long as they like from a list of over 5,000 books. Whoa.

The list of books is already full of NYTimes bestsellers, popular books that include "The Hunger Games," "Water for Elephants," and "Kitchen Confidential." You might be asking yourself how Amazon can bring you these books for free from big New York publishers. Here's the answer: they're buying them to them away for free. Wow.

Amazon Prime used to be a "why would I need this?" sort of thing, but with this new announcement it's getting very clear that this service will probably end up saving more than it costs. David Pogue, the personal tech columnist from the New York Times agrees. In his column, he says, "I do know this: Amazon Prime is looking like a better deal every day. Darned near irresistible, in fact." Be sure to read his full thoughts on the subject, and know that we'll be sure to check back in with him when he reviews the Kindle Fire.

Let's check in with the Free App of the Day.

Name: Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools
Rating: 4.3 stars over 89 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Whether you're a full-time gigging musician or a late-night bedroom shredder, Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools is an incredible on-the-go resource. This app for your Android device gives you access to the world's largest guitar tablature database, as well as several valuable tools--a tuner, metronome, and huge chord library. Browse more than 300,000 listings for guitar, bass, and drum tabs, learn new songs faster than ever, and use the tools to master your instrument.

Analysis: For guitar players, an app like this is a must. Musicians, and guitarists in particular, need access to the tablature database and chord library this app offers if they want to go without lugging tons of paper around with them. (Sound familiar, readers?) If you're a beginner, there's plenty to help you learn. Enjoy, and rock on!

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