Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adding Storage Space to the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire comes with 8GB of memory space, which may not seem like a lot until you consider so much of your music, books, and movies are stored in Amazon's cloud servers. Even though some of that 8GB is taken up by the operating system, that leaves you with enough space for a handful of full-length movies or other material that you then wouldn't need Wi-Fi to stream.

But what if you're taking a trip or something and need some extra space? A microSD card isn't an option. Maybe you're looking longingly at the Nook Tablet's 16GB until you discover that only 6% of that (1GB) is available for free use. But fortunately, there are some solutions if you need more space...and they are...Wi-Fi Portable Storage Drives!

Let's take a look and see how they work.

First of all, there are two major kinds, the Kingston Wi-Drive and the Seagate GoFlex. Here's what they do: stream content over their own Wi-Fi signals to your Kindle Fire, allowing you to store, access, or exchange anything on the two devices. They are both relatively easy to take with you and they both have plenty of extra storage. More details can be found here. Pretty handy, huh? Let's get into a side by side comparison.

                       Kingston Wi-Drive               Seagate GoFlex
Memory:         16 or 32 GB                           500 GB
Weight            8 oz                                        1.2 pounds
Battery Life:    4 hours                                    5 hours
Free App:       Available Here                        Available Here 
                      (remember to allow apps from "Unknown Sources")
Warranty        1 year                                      3 year limited


  1. I think the Maxell AirStash A02 is worth a serious look! It is a wireless pocket-sized SD Card Reader. So, it has a clear advantage over the Kingston Wi-Drive which has a fixed amount of storage. The primary drawback is the significantly higher cost compared to the Wi-Drive, but hopefully the price will drop soon.

  2. I actually wasn't familiar with the Maxell Airstash A02 but absolutely have plans to check it out. Thanks for letting us know about it, hirmenator!


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